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Basic Christian Witchcraft Alter Items.

Christian Witchcraft goes back to the beginnings of Christianity itself. In the presence of almost any belief there has been some form of magic or witchcraft attached to it. Specifically with Christianity, witchcraft has a very, let's just say, misunderstood reputation. For too long witchcraft has been associated with evil or the devil. Basically anything but good. Christian witchcraft is not evil. It is the use of magic and ritual to honor the Trinity. It is what you would call "white magic." It is of pure intention and not for evil in any way.

Basic alter set up for Christian witchcraft practitioners can vary in so many ways. I wanted to give you a list of basic items you can use at your alter.

1.The Holy Bible

The Bible is the manuscript of the Christian faith, and is the inspiration for most spell work within Christian witchcraft.

2. Holy Cross

The Holy cross is what Jesus Christ was crucified on. We remember that as Holy and extremely powerful. He died on the cross for our sins, and it represents his sacrifice for us.

3.White Candles

The color white represents purity and Godly energy. Frequently during spell work, we use the image of a bright white light to focus our intensions and energy.

4. Image of Christ

Imagery or Icons are a way of putting a face with the name. We don't know what God truly looked like, but we have imagery of Jesus, Mary, and the Saints to help is with our spell work and devotion.

5. Incense

This is used for helping send our spell work intentions and our prayers to God.

6. Holy Water

This is to bless yourself before coming into the presence of God during devotion or spell work.

7. Bread and Wine

These are for take Holy Communion for the celebration of the last supper. It is also used to represent the body and blood of Jesus during spell work.

This is in no means an exhaustive list of items to have at your own alters. You may also want to include thr Holy Rosary, statues, Icons of Saints or anything else that you feel will help the intention of your spell work.

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