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This is not a spell I just need some help I guess

As I wrote in my bio I have some experiences with controlling the wind. And now my help. When I get very angry or I have very strong emotions as sadness, pain or something like that, I can‘t control it. I destroyed so many things because I couldn't control it. Like trees fell down because of the strong wind. Now my question how can I control this? I don‘t want to destroy things anymore because I feel very strong emotions.

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Nov 09, 2019
Hmm if you really have a problem I would suggest try meditating, doing physical sports often or something to calm you. I would also suggest that when you feel your strong emotions come again, try to focus on doing something relaxing like painting or reading. For me it helps because you start focusing on something else. You should as well try to practise your skills with wind if you really have that kind of power.

Nov 21, 2019
i agree with minmin my friend has this problem and just now started to meditate and found that it helps to meditate

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