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Name: SunWha
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Hi I am SunWha. I always noticed something that isn't "normal". Whenever I was angry or sad, the wind started blowing heavily also when it was absolutly nothing befor. I never really noticed it until one day. I was really sad and angry that my father died. Out of now where the wind came up and stayed like 2 weeks as strong as the first day. When I got a bit better the wind stoped also. It was really awkward. Until that day I read about magic and the diffrent forms of it. I tried to do the same thing with the wind over and over again but it was never that long and that strong as it happend the first time. But one thing was when I got bullied I also used this one time and they couldn't hurt me anymore. I was and I am still confused about this but i belive in it. It happend also when nobody belives me it happend!