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Home blessings can be used to bless a new home or want to purify your existing residence. This article will walk you through the steps.

So you want to bless or purify your home. Here are a few simple steps so that anyone can follow.

  1. Clean the home or room you wish to bless. You don't have to bless an entire house at once, you can do it one room at a time, or if a single room just doesn't feel right a purification blessing can be done in just that room. Cleaning the room first will help give it a fresh start.
  2. Light your sage and extinguish it, you don't want it burning, but you do want it smoking. If you don't have sage, or don't wish to use sage in your blessing you can light a pink candle instead.
  3. Walk from room to room, letting the smoke from the sage or light from the candle touch all the walls and furniture. Say a brief blessing, describing the room, its purpose and your desire to have only good things happen in it.
  4. When done, it is best to ensure the sage has been extinguished by dipping the smoldering end in water. If you are using a candle, it can be placed in a central room to burn down (keep it under surveillance so you don't burn down your home) or you can blow out the candle.

Sample Blessing:

Bless this dining room,
And all the meals which shall be eaten in it.
May only pleasant conversations take part around this table,
And may only the best of friends and family eat the food upon it.

So that's it, pretty simple right? We have selected these items from our shop to help you out in your home blessing.

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