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The elemental archtypes based in the Feng Shui seasonal rotation.

Ying and yang are the feminine and masculine qualities within both ourselves, others, in nature, and all around us. These two terms help us to determine if the energy in something is stagnant or energetic, passive or active, quiet or loud, too weak or too strong, nurturing or oppressive. In that vein, this is a quick reference guide that helps break down which elements fall into what category and why.

Yin or ying is the feminine or female white half.

As yang is the masculine or male black half.

Wood grows, ascends, even dances on the wind. Wood is the minor yang chi. The rambunctious boy who kicks off the beginning of the cycle, spring.

Fire is active in all of the same ways wood is. Fire is the major yang chi. The boy becomes the man as we move from spring into early summer.

It is on earth that all other elements dwell. Earth is a mix, it takes no sides. Earth is the transitional element. So it can be considered genderless, non-bianary, or however you wish to term it. This kicks off late summer.

Metal is cold, stagnant, and nurturing with the minerals it provides. Metal is minor ying chi. She is the girl or young maiden frolicking under the autumn skies.

Water can be stagnant like a lake, nurturing to life which requires it, cool and refreshing. Water is major yin chi. She is the woman full grown the mother of winter.

Creating Luminous Spaces by Maureen K Calamia
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