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This article is about the practice and methods of Familiar magick, as along with its definition in occult terms.

Definition of Familiar Magick

Familiar magick is the work of sorcery using one's personal powers to conjure familiar spirits for the use of magic or divination. Sorcery in the definitions, "the use of spirits or demons to aid in magickal workings, as well as divination." Familiar magick is derived from the use of more advanced servitors or thought-forms in the occult.

What is a Familiar?

A familiar spirit is the servant spirit of a witch or caster in occultism. familiars can vary from spiritual objects possessed with conscious energy, to demons and spirits in the form of beings of nature. The most common form a familiar can take is that of a Cat or witch animal. Familiars are in reality only in the true form said to be billows of black smoke or floating ash in the spirit or astral realm with conscious desires. These spirits are said to be able to take shape of animals, plants, humans, or occult objects in the astral presence.

Abilities of a Familiar Spirit

Familiar spirits are able to shape shift, manifest, and possess animals, people, and even objects in the mundane and magical realms. Familiars or Familiar spirits are sought to be able to perform the magic of their own accord as well through the use of possessing energies in magickal workings.

Notes on Familiars

Inexperience with familiars, they usually are able to understand human speech, as well as the language of other spirits. They are able to find lost items, fly in the form of a winged animal or as smoke or ash like mists. Being straightforward with a familiar is best for it to learn trust and respect in a spiritual relationship. Familiar spirits also occasionally feed on energies, such as spells, blood, milk, food, water, and things in nature.

Methods in magick using Familiar spirits

When using familiar magick one must be able to communicate probably to the spirit and have a level of spiritual intuition and trust with the being. The best way to work a spell with a familiar's aid is to work with Hoodoo, conjure work, or witchcraft in practice. These spiritual practices work best because they use personal energies to conjure the spirit using talismans or petitions.

How to Banish an aggressive Familiar

Familiar spirits live in vessels. to remove a spirit from this world one can break, remove, or cast out energy from the vessel. Any spirit banishing ritual or spell is fine to use as long as you incorporate the spirit vessel into the spell or working.


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