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This article explains and talks about the practices in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean witchcraft.

Definition of the Asian Witchcraft in Japan, China, and Korea

The definition of Asian witchcraft is the use of spirit possession by familiars such as Shikigami, Ghosts, and Gu spirits.

What is spirit possession?

Spirit possession is the use of familiars to possess a host or vessel, person, place, or thing in order to cause it to change or receive a magickal effect.

Who uses Spirit possession in Asia, Korea, or Japan?

Shamans in China such as Wu, Onmyouji in Japan, and Sorcerers in Korea. These people are all and will always be mediums or those who are able to conjure spirits to their aid through magickal or mundane acts, even rituals.



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Jun 09, 2019
I know it is rather short but this is all I felt comfortable with when discussing my own and other Asian practices. I do this because I do not want inexperienced others conjuring spirits just to play games or other nonsense. I believe when you cast a spirit magick spell your intention is an actual being with energies and emotions. When I say spirit magick I mean magick that involves conjuring spirits and Demons or divine entities and such. Feel free to mail me if you believe you want to know more or are interested and more experienced.

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