Qarin and Qarina.

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I will try to explain what is a Qarin and Qarina.

Qarin literally means "constant companion".

The difference between Qarin and Qarina is that a Qarin is of male origin and Qarina is female. 

What is a Qarin, well in Islamic religion its Allah (God) has assigned three angel and one Jinn to always stay with their appoint human, one angel sit on your left shoulder and writes down all your bad deeds, another angel sits on your right shoulder and writes all your good deeds, third angel whisper to you (this would be your thoughts) to do good and the Jinn better as Qarin/Qarina whispers to you to do bad things.

Please note, that a Qarinah is not same as Qarin, Qarina.

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Jun 08, 2019
You can summon Qarin or Qarina, your own or of another person.

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