Shikigami in Onmyoudou and Black magick

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This following article is about the use of, what is, and creation of shikigami. As well as the use of shikigami in black magick.

What is Shikigami?

Shikigami, are familiars, servitors, and in the basic sense magickal empowered objects with living spirit used for magick. Shikigami com in all shapes and sizes and could as well be any object or living talisman. Shikigami could be poppets, paper talisman, and many other things in the occult.

What are shikigami used for?

Shikigami are used for sympathetic and talismanic magick. Sympathetic magick meaning used as a controller from a distance to influences forces to target a far away or not present target or beneficiary. An example of using a shikigami is creating a talisman to gain wealth. The wealth doesn't come from you nor is it near you. So using sympathetic magick by way of shikigami you are able to influence forces around you to create manifested events from the spirit world.

How is a shikigami made? A shikigami is made by taking an object and placing a created from your spirit or energy familiar or thought form into the talismanic object. Spirit talismans are shikigami and can be used as such. To create a paper shikigami talisman place the piece of paper on the altar or in your spiritual space and activate or empower the paper through incantation or visualization of ki or energy flowing into the paper vessel. Then take your ink tool (pen or ink brush) and channel the flow of ki, into the ink through the brush or pen. Draw or write symbols and words that fit the purpose or intent of the talisman. Think of the talisman as creating a body for a spirit to enter through. The paper is the flesh containing the blood, structure, and organs inside. The ink symbols are the color of the ink is the blood, the formation of the symbols is the chakra or organs and the structure of the intent is the spine of bone. After that is done breath life into your talisman through visualization or energy manipulation. Flip the talisman over and close the circuit so energy cant escape but only enter like the mouth. You can do this by drawing your signature or symbolism on the back of the paper charm. You are able to recharge the shikigami as many times as you like through the signature on the back or by using your altar space,

Black Magick: black magick can be used in talisman like using a voodoo doll or poppet. You can do this by collecting the elements of the person you need such as hair, personal, items, DNA, and etc. After the shikigami talisman is made fold the elements of your target into the talisman. Draw a Gobosei (Pentacle) around the talisman or charm. Invoke the five flames ( elements of the Wu Xing, "flames" meaning energy) as a protection agent against opposing forces. You may also use the talisman to conjure demons, fae, or other malevolent deities to aid in this ritual. Make sure when conjuring these entities that them may not leave the circle, do that by allowing the Wu Xing to interpret and eliminate attempts of leaving the circle without harming the spirits. Use the Gobosei as an astral portal or as a pathway or mirror into your targets astral space. Deliver the entities into the space commanding them with the shikigami. After that is done, banish, cleanse and return the Wuxing to its original domains, such as forests, seas, that earth, etc. You may discard the talisman but first destroy the seals and sigils written upon it by tearing it up, then place it away from your space or home. If you choose to keep it place it in a box that is devised for hexing shikigami talismans (treat the talisman as if it were a god or deity).

I hope you enjoyed my lecture on Shikigami and a Example of its use in black magick. Enjoy.

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