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A short discussion on wards and how to make them.

Wards are used to protect a physical space or even a person from harm that may be sent. There are different ways to go about warding a place or a person.

To ward a place there are several things one can do depending on your ability and imagination. Witch bottles and balls, iron nails, horseshoes, amulets, and charms can all be used to ward a place. As can energetic shielding. Many people through the years have used plants and trees as wards as well.

Witch bottles are a decoy made with sympathetic magic to catch any harmful energy sent at a person. A witch bottle is a bottle that contains within it nails, tacks, or other sharp pointy things to destroy the energy sent to it, and material from the person for whom the bottle is to represent. This can be any genetic material, urine, hair, finger or toe nail clippings, saliva, blood, skin, or other bodily fluids. Place the sharp things into the bottle and add the genetic material of the one to be protected, seal the bottle. Hold the bottle in your hands and envision all harm being sent to the person finding the bottle and being destroyed. Bury the bottle in a safe place. People often bury the bottles on their property, in a place it will not be disturbed. However, some have gone and buried the bottles on other lands to make sure the magic never reaches them. I prefer to bury it at home, that way I can check on it or know if it has been found.

Witch balls are similar except they don?t contain genetic material. A witch ball is a glass ball that is brightly colored. In the old days, they used to be made with thin strands of glass inside that would capture and confuse any energy sent toward them. Witch bottles are still available; however, they are expensive. You can find modern versions of these as ?gazing balls? sold in lawn and garden centers. A viable alternative is the glass fisherman?s bob. These are often a bit less expensive and sometimes easier to find if you leave near coastal areas. You can also make your own balls. Glass ornament balls work well and are easy enough to find around Christmas. You can find them in clear or colored glass. Purchase said ball, color or decorate it as you see fit, fill it with nails, pins, or twisted colored wire. The more you add, the more confused the energy sent will become. If you can find a few iron nails to put in one all the better. Hang the ball your window or off your porch to capture any negativity sent toward you.

Horseshoes are cliche and probably don?t need a lot of explaining. Basically, the principle is that the horse shoe will hold the luck of the house if nailed above the front entry. There are two schools of thought on why this works and how the horseshoe should be hung. One school of thought is that the horseshoe is a symbol of wealth and status. Therefore, hanging it above the door is a reminder to all who enter that the home is one of influence. The other is that since horse shoes are made of iron they will destroy any negativity sent toward the house. Now, there is debate on which way the horse shoe should be hung either with the open end up or down. Up is believed to keep all the good luck and influence the family holds contained. Down is believed to release the negative energy that has been sent to the home once it has been rendered inert by the iron. Play with it. See which one you feel works for you, or charge the horse shoe to a specific goal of holding luck or releasing negativity.

Some people will collect old iron nails and bury three or four in each corner of their property. Iron is believed to be able to repel or destroy negative energy and this technique creates a border around the property.

There are many plants and trees that are believed to have protective properties that people will plant around the house to ward it. Cacti, holly, and nettle are believed to render negative energy inert. Holly is also believed to protect against lightning strikes. There are many plants that can be used to bring about good fortune.

The residents of a house can craft amulets and charms to handle any manner of magical issues. Many look decorative and no one outside the house hold would notice what they are for. Some can be simple, others complex. The Hexen signs of the Pennsylvania Dutch are admired for the beauty and colors while being magical protections on home and barns. The design of each hexen sign brings about a special protection. No two will protect the same.

As you can see there are many ways that one can ward a property. Some of these ways can be used to ward a person as well.

Amulets and charms are good for personal wards. They can be hand-made jewelry or store bought jewelry that has been charged to protect. Birthstones are a common form of protection jewelry. Lockets can make wonderful charms. Rings and earrings can be charged to protect. I have a locket and a set of cubic zirconia stud earrings that are charged to help me through my day at work. The necklace is charged to ward my tongue so that I say what is correct and appropriate in a situation. My earrings are charmed to aid me to hear more than I say.

Many symbols lend themselves to hand crafted jewelry. Ordinary items can be charged for protection, to bring luck, to alleviate stress, anxiety, or fear. Wards can be placed in vehicles to protect us while we travel. Just because a thing is mundane does not mean that we cannot make it magical as well. I find some of my best wards are mundane items that are around my house.

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