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Use for protection, reversing/placing curses, banishing negativity, etc.

In order to prepare War Water, take a few iron nails, and rainwater from a severe storm, the more strength and violence the storm shows, the better and combines them.

Put them in a clean glass jar and the open jar is set aside for a few hours to let these two become acquainted and adjust.
Return to the jar and briskly stir it for a minute or so every 30 minutes. Continue for three hours, as you stir focus your intent on instilling this water with the strength of their anger focusing on all the dire repercussions you want to befall you enemy. The stirring allows the oxygen to flow through the water and mix with the intent.

After a few hours, seal the jar and place it in the refrigerator for one week, untouched. After a week, open the jar to allow more oxygen inside, stirring it again, and focus your intent as before.Focus specifically on what you want to happen to your enemy. When you have finished, close the jar and put it back into the fridge, again.


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