February Full Moon Healing Ritual

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Used to speed the healing process during a single moon cycle (Full to Full).

Tools needed:

  • Amethyst Stone
  • Necklace Chain
  •  Sage
  • Water
  • Chalice
  • Green Candle Light 
  • Green Candle 

Say this chant:

"Lords above and Lords below, sky above and earth below. Take this take and make it yours. Take this day so I don't mourn."

Pour water into the Chalice and continue the chant as do do so.

"Let this water purify and take away disease."

Add sage to the water.

"Let this sage protect me please. And aid my bones to heal."

Stir the sage:

"Let this small concoction set and all of me be well."

Drop the amethyst stone in the mixture. Pick up the glass and gently move it in circles, mixing the stone in the liquid.

"This amethyst will help me rest, the sage it leaves me clean. The water washes pain from me and leave me as I should be. Today I ask the gods above and humble ones below, to heal my hurt and suffering so I may be made whole."

Take the stone out of the water and rinse it clean. Place it on a necklace chain or in a locket and wear it as a necklace until the next Full Moon.

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