AA fairies.

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There are magick beings in this world that are always among us. I am one!

In order to summon a AA fairy you must call them when you see a sign; like a paper move when there is no wind or hear footsteps or see something out the corner of your eye. Don't be alarmed just say VLOMOTIC! Which is sky fairy for hello. They can help you on missions and save you like a guardian angel.

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Sep 28, 2019
You can communicate with fairys by simply talking to them, you do not require a special language. To summon a Fae you should decorate your home to appeal to them. Specific plants and decorations such as saffron, coneflower, wind chimes and colourful bulbs can attract Fae. You can also leave offerings of sweets, milk, and various objects for them, as well as leaving a section of your yard untouched for them specifically. If you sense a Fae in your garden, you can say hi, meditate, or skry to receive an answer from them. Research signs of fairys to help you.

Mar 16, 2020
This is the truth. Case closed. Thank you. And I'll write this information down :).

Oct 07, 2019
Stop the hate! Jeesh, you guys! Can't y'all leave us in peace?

Oct 07, 2019
Nobody was hating. Nekoshema just pointed out that sounds and movements can mean things other than the Fair Folk visiting, and Tadashi gave some helpful information on Fair Folk for anyone who actually wants to communicate with them.

Oct 07, 2019
flip the script for one second. this is a free site where anyone can post anything, people ask a question, i answer it, no matter how nice or direct i am i get yelled at for being a ''hater'' when i am giving you an answer. you do not want to hear that answer and i get that, however, if you were asking me if 2+2=5 and i told you it was 4, would you react in the same hostile way? sometimes you don't like the answer you get, but just because you don't like the answer doesn't mean the person teaching you is ''mean'' or ''hateful'' or ''negative''. this site doesn't belong to one person, it is a site to connect with other pagans and grow on your path. it is not a roleplaying site or a site where you can just spread nonsense unchecked. if you refuse to learn the first thing about real magick fine, but don't yell at my friends or myself because we are trying to help people new to the path who are confused.

Mar 03, 2020
Nekoshema you have a point. I think you're doing a good job trying to help people and others don't see how much you have tried to help. Thank you

Sep 03, 2020
Thanks Nekoshema, you're really trying to help the people on this site

Sep 18, 2020
Thanks, MoonFury. I've seen you around the site, wanted to thank you for your help too, you seem very informed and helpful. I enjoy reading your responses.

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