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by Kindred_Soul

Five elements and the colors associated with them:

Fire- The entire red spectrum: pink, red, orange, coral, purple

Earth- Taupe, gold, yellows, medium brown, terracotta and earth tones

Metal- Whites and pastels and metallic colors

Water- Black, dark gray, dark blue, dark green, deep purples and lapis blue colors

Wood- Medium green and medium blue, turquoise

How to work with the five elements:

Use the colors from the fire element when you are working with issues around decisiveness, assertiveness, motivation and passion, or lack there of.

Use earth tones when you are working with fertility issues, being and feeling more grounded in your life and getting organized.

Use metal colors when you are working with mental clarity such as focusing on a new project at work, studying a new subject or when you need some back- bone. Metal colors are important when you feel the need to lighten up and develop your child-like qualities and in when working with children.

Use colors from the water element when you are working on developing your spirituality, practicing mindfulness, connecting to intuition and learning how to tune into the synchronicity of the universe.

Use colors from the wood element when you are working on personal growth, growing or expanding your business, planting the seeds for a new project or working with health and/or family issues.

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