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by Kindred_Soul

This meditation is to help you become more attuned to the elements and also to find your personal symbols for them. You will find that you are meditating on five elements in this exercise because we are including the element of Akasha or Spirit.

Collect four small items, one to represent each element.


Earth - rock or stones, soil, rice, salt.

Air - wind if blowing, hand fan, electric fan, incense, your own breath, feather.

Fire - candle, lighter

Water - bowl of water

Akasha or Spirit - no object needed.

A notebook and pen.

Do this outdoors if you can. It that is impossible due to weather (you dont need to catch pneumonia), set it up indoors.

Make sure you will not be interrupted. Use your own technique to go into meditation for a while. Keeping a clear mind.

Face South Earth ). Close your eyes, expand your mind and let impressions flow from that direction. Whatever you feel, even if you think it is silly, write it on your pad. Hold the element you chose to represent Earth and the South then close your eyes and open your mind and feel the impression of this element. If it is soil run it through your fingers, if a rock feel it all over, smell it and let thoughts of its qualities come to your mind. Write it all on your pad.

The final step is to create a positive entity in your mind that represents the element of Earth. Dont worry about right or wrong. It can be male/female, human/animal or a mixture. What is its expression, clothing, colouring. List all thoughts on pad.

Face East Water ) Close your eyes, expand your mind and let impressions flow from that direction. As with South, note impressions on your pad. Do the same as Earth regarding positive entity.

Face North Fire ) Do the same as South

Face West Air ) Do the same as South.

Sit in Center Spirit ) With eyes closed imagine a golden light coming down from above and filling you to the brim. Revel in this light, feel it. Again write down your impressions. Complete your meditation. Enter the recording of this exercise into your Book of Shadows. You could also create a section called Elements and list the above information. You will be adding to it over time.

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