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This is an Invocation that can be found in The Grimoire of Tiamat. I usually perform this Invocation before I invoke Kingu, as a preliminary working, to gain energy, before doing something difficult in the mundane world, etc. This Invocation of the Dragon and the Invocation of Kingu is something I also use in order to gain better control over myself and my emotions.

"I invoke the Dragon,
Great Monster of Primal Waters!
The First Mother and the Source of All Creation and Destruction!
Monster in the Sea!
Dragon of the Earth!
Great Fiery Serpent who comes with thunder and lightning!
Whose breath is the harsh wind of the desert,
And the nourishing breeze of fresh waters!
Dragon of the Void,
Who swallows the sun at the end of the day!
Dragon of Dark Waters,
Who stirs the ocean of dreams,
And enflames the Desire to seek the Truth!
Great Dragon of the Apocalypse!

I call you by the names:
Tiamat! Leviathan! Lotan! Tannin! Yam! Nahar! Rahab! Behemoth! Tehom! Hubur! Theli!

Seven-Headed Serpent!
Come forth!
Rise from Within!
Consume my flesh in your timeless flames!
Forge my soul in your eternal fire!
I open the Gates of the Night,
And descend into the Womb of Chaos,
To arise reborn in the Blood of the Dragon,
My body is the Flesh of the Dragon,
My blood is the Dragon's vital-essence,
My soul is the Flame of the Dragon,
Forever burning in the Darkness of the Night!
And I proclaim my Will through all worlds and all dimensions!

In Nomine Draconis,
Ho Ophis, Ho Archaios,
Ho Drakon, Ho Megas!"

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