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Quick tutorial on how to make a dreamcatcher and dream box.

I wrote this article a long time ago on my old account when I was in Spell Casters, so I thought why not share with you guys! First I am only 1/8 maybe 1/4 indian, not very much, but I believe in Dream Catchers, I used to have nightmares when I was little. They were so bad I would wake up crying to my mom and had to sleep with her. Finally she decided to make me a Dream Catcher. Which worked and I didn't have a nightmare, as I got older I didn't need it, every now and then, however I will use one if I have a reoccuring dream.

How to make your own Dream Catcher or Dream Box

So, someone told me they were having horrific nightmares (in real life), she tried protection spells, protection circles, banishing spells, and even had a priest come in. Nothing worked, so I suggested to try either a dream catcher or dream box, hand crafted is the best way to protect yourself. First I will briefly tell you what Dream Catchers are used for.

Native Americans used Dreamcatchers (Called spider in their language) to protect them in their sleep, or to catch any harm in the air. They were often used for infants, making sure the dreams they had were peaceful and good. They were generally decorated with beads, feathers, and had yarn dyed red. It allows bad dreams to get caught in the net like a bug in a spiders web and disappear as soon as it's day light, good dreams would filter through.

Now we had a quick summary of what they are, here is how you make one by hand.

Get a hoop, can be any size, from small or big, the bigger is better in my opinion, you can find these at a craft shop, hobby store, walmart, or fabric store.

Cover the hoop with yarn, soft leather stripping(what I used when I was little), twine, or string make sure the hoop is fully covered or as is if you like rustic wood.

Weave the first row. Begin by tying one end of the string in a knot at the base of the hanging loop. Working clockwise, stretch the string to a spot a few inches down the hoop and loop it around the hoop. Stretch the string a few inches to the right and loop it around the hoop again. Continue making loops that are evenly spaced apart until you reach the beginning.

Now Take the end of the string and weave it under the loop created between the first and second looped peaks. Make a hitch by using the thread to make a loop over the loose string. After making the first hitch, make another hitch at the thread between the second and third knots. Continue weaving the thread in this manner until you have made a hitch at the thread between every knot. (Add however many beads you would like, the beads are the spider)!

Now to secure your web, when you have woven the web down to a tiny circle in the middle, tie the end of the thread over the place where you would have made the final hitch. Make a double knot to ensure it won't come undone. Pull it tightly and snip off the end.

Add a feather or however many you want at the base, you can also secure it with beads.

If you need pictures go to wikihow, theyre the best with pictures some of the instructions came from there.

Simple Dream Box

Dream Box is something I sort of made up, unless there is a real thing? What I did was fixed up and old prayer box, and turned it into a good dream bank.

Go to a store that sells crafting jewelry, find either a box, locket, or anything that will hold items in, put it on string or a chain, or whatever you wish to make it fancy, simply write on a piece of paper "Farewell to my nightmares, welcome all good dreams" you can also make up what to write, fold the paper up, depending how big the box is, and stuff it in there. Sleep with it on at night, or wear it during the day.

A dream box is also called a prayer box, as mentioned, you can write anything you like.

I will be researching more on this matter so I can answer any questions. Original article is right here

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