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No1. The body enjoy its practicality i.e. food and exercise. Eat lovingly cooked food, get plenty of healthy fluids in your body and exercise daily. Do not make it a chore instead make it fun and easy but with conviction. No2. Your sexuality. Be as comfortable as possible in your own skin and touch too. Work through any issues of sex and intimacy. Express hugs openly without barriers and defenses and thoughts. Let your body talk your soul. No3. Things that block your emotions will reflect in the lacks in your life especially your material world. Constantly check in and heal behaviors that do not allow the light and emotional freedom into your god given journey. No4. A big one. The ability to Give and Receive without guarantees. Only this moment matters, so love and live like there is no tomorrow with much abundance. The ability to receive either emotional or worldly happiness and also to give totally is an art. No5. Respect for nature and all that exists as a day to day communication of your environment. For now this is the planet that we have, so please try and give her some honor by recycling, utilizing only what we really need and reestablishing taken energy. Thank her regularly. No6. Few like them and fewer still love them and some even hate them. No not what you are thinking. I mean the discipline and practice of the exercises and the techniques. Without them you won?t get far. They are a must to bring on the essence of Psychic vision. No7. Meditation, meditation, meditation. You cannot get enough of this stuff. Alone or in company. Do it or them at any convenient time and place (I do it at the red lights). Of course if you can afford a regular time and place daily and it works for you - so be it.

Step no1. The 1st step is to put attention on the physical body. Irrespective of how beautiful or handsome or not you are, no matter what age, creed, colour you are, respect the body you have, love it, enjoy it, play with it. What you put in your body in regards to drugs, food, alcohol, please do it in moderation and with love. Constantly ask the body if it wants that experience, that extra serving, that other late night. Organic foods and meals cooked lovingly and clean water will increase intuition to a high level too. Step no2. How comfortable are you with your sexuality? Your preferences to who you are attracted to is of no matter here. What is important is if your choice is of the same sex, hetero or any other combination, or you prefer self loving, be at ease and peace with sex, intimacy and the enjoyment of touch. Closeness of hugs is good at all times, so is being in nature au natural. When is the last time you swam naked and embraced the feeling of your body at ease with nature, like a baby in a womb? Step no3. Disruptive emotions can be at work here that needs to be put in its correct place. Do a reality check at what scares or fears you. If there is any past issues still needing to be resolved - do a big clean up. Say goodbye to old loves and mementos. Make peace with people, places and things in your history and feel the weights lift off. Look at current situations around you and see if any emotional issues come up - like any jealousy and control issues and stress. How about your shadow personalities, eh? Any secrets lurking in the shadows? Does the thought of a parent or partner or close friend in your life now departing your life pull you down? It’s ok to feel grief, then move forward. Depression needs to be put in check. Psychically open people are generally clear of hang ups and have good emotional balance. Your psychic centre is at this point. Step no4. Love is in the air says the song, so feel it in step 4 and be open to feel like there is no tomorrow. Be present with your feelings at every moment. By this I mean love with no conditions, but more so love without guarantees. That too goes for receiving. It’s so easy to talk, but much harder to walk the talk. Forgiveness resides here too and without being foolish or a doormat, clear out the dead space for true love to enter. This is the centre of clairsentient and being of a good heart will bring a high level of psychic sense through this medium. Some humanitarian project or just a little piece of your life towards the giving of self to something or someone who is less fortunate than you, will greatly enhance your sensitivity of your intuition. Just the way that it is in nature, feel the balance Step no5. As chilling or difficult as this may sound, speak loving and with good intent of others. If you have to talk of another person in their absence, use kind words and be conscious of malice. Abrasive words, untruths and negative hearsay does little - if any - to bring on your ability to be open to work for the universe and maximise your own spiritual growth. Animals only in survival instincts will manipulate with their sounds. So why do we do it? Yes there are human benefits maybe, but have you thought of karma. By speaking softly, lovingly, gently and with power, even an enemy will have difficulty retaliating. Confrontational experiences start in the heart and are then expressed through the body often vocally first and in illness later. Saying thank you costs nothing. Step no6. Psychic vision or clairvoyance gives us great insights into the process of life as it unfolds. Being able to access that gift we can avoid dangerous and uncomfortable circumstances that life can throw at us and make wise choices instead. It allows us space and time to do creative pursuits or help humankind or animals or the environment. Too often that centre is way under developed and not used with wisdom. Instead too often it is used for selfish reasons i.e. the ego. At least the partial death of the ego is important if this potential is to be realized. Imagination of life being better for all and acting upon these thoughts is a practice well worth getting involved in. Techniques and discipline forms the basis of this step, maybe a little perseverance too. Step no7. Make daily time and habit to prepare for your death (I do not mean dwelling over it). Think of death as a celebration of loving. Talk of it, let your closest ones know how you want your passing and how to move your body on. Apart from funeral insurance, spend time in Meditation. Short bursts are much better that long trying ones. Meditation must not be challenging, uncomfortable experiences that distract you from the real thing. Peace. If needed, do a class that teaches the practice or find yourself a guru to mentor you. There are so many different types of meditation i.e. Buddhist, Tibetan, Indian and so on. I prefer to mix and match. Or how about silent meditation? If any of the above is a bother then just sitting quietly in contemplation being aware of self, feelings and thoughts, the universe will take care of the rest. You can do that by yourself and you can even do it anywhere - almost.

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