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Knot magick is typically a string of 9 knots each knot holding an idea or intention to bring about a goal or desire. Good for Binding, Masking and Cloaking, and Protection. Wonderful for Cleansing.

Knot magick is typically used with a series of 9 knots, each knot representing an idea, desire, will, or want. Knot magick is believed to originate from the need to control the weather, or suppress wind flow, when each knot is released the wind grows stronger.

Knot magick can be used for binding, masking, and protecting. Knot magick is among the simplest forms of magick/intention workings, and requires no rituals or additional items other than string. Ornamental knots can be used to give specific meaning or purpose to a knot spell.

Knot Magick With Binding and Intent:

Using knot magick to bind a person is highly effective as long as the knots are never undone. Even if the strand breaks and knots are scattered, the binding is still in place but is weakened due to the lost connection. When creating a knot binding thread or strand, meditate on the intention of each knot. Perhaps your binding has only on purpose; to stop someone speaking ill about you. In this example, then each knot will hold the intention of preventing ill speech. But, say your binding has many aspects or intentions to it. In such a case, each knot is fused with different intention. The first cenario, however, your knot string will be stronger due to the amount of identical focused energy into each knot, the energy and intent is not scattered like the second case.  Regardless, each knot should hold Intention and will.

Traditional binding is always done with black thread or string, but if your binding is highly specific to one task or element, you may utilize the corresponding color. For an example, our first case deals with someone speaking ill, it deals with communication, so the thread would be either yellow for the element of air, or blue for the throat chakra. But yellow is a safer choice as you are not trying to alter their spirituality; just what they put into the world about you.

Reminder: Not all binding is ill-intended or to prevent ill intentions against you. Knot binding can be positive, for example, binding a wandering partner to you emotionally, using green, or sexually using red. It can also be used to bind someone's thoughts to themselves, can aid suicidal friends from more self worthlessness.

Tip: If having to require a powerful bind, but multiple aspects and intentions present, make a knot strand for each individual intent, then tie and weave together for a super charged bind. Make sure it relates to one object/person/situation. Never mix!

Knot Magick for Masking/Cloaking:

Often times hexes and voodoo spells get very powerful with the ingredients involved and the amount of intention out into it. This sometimes is a negative thing, as the intended target may be able to sense the energy manipulation and either A) Deflect it back at you or B) Negate the spell entirely by working a counter hex. To prevent this, you can utilize knot magick. Making masking/cloaking knot magick is the same as binding magick except you must use black selectively for cloaking. The reason for this is you are essentially binding the magick of your spell to be masked by a different type of magick. Again, make sure you focus your intent as you tie each knot.

Tip: For big spells/objects that need large cloaking, you may need multiple knot strings to fully cloak the energy of your workings.

Knot Magick for Protection:

Knot magick for protection is much as the same as binding knot magick, you may use colors corresponding to your magick working beeds. Again, the knots hold your intentions. Intentions for protection can be blessed with the thoughts of babishing evil, thoughts of cloaking a desired person/object, etc.

On the Addage of Beads: 

A classier way to spice up your knot magick is through useage of beads. Much like knots, beads are intention holding objects. You can place beads in between the knots. Remember to only use 9 knots, do not exceed if using beads.

Tip:  When using binding/masking/protection, make sure you place the strands in the appropriate areas. If binding someone, tuck into the walls of their room, or sew a strand into a piece of their clothing. If for protection, place in desired room or carry on your person. 

*Another Way to Charge Herbs is Binding Them in Blessed Knot Ropes

You can use Different Colored Beads to Invoke Desired Results: 

  • Red:  Passion, root chakra, love, power, strength, desire, will
  • Orange:  Creativity, sacral chakra, fertility, passion, life
  • Yellow:  Communication, solar plex chakra, joy, happiness, mental clarity.
  • Green:  Heart chakra, money, wealth, love(spiritual)
  • Blue:  Throat chakra, voice, clarity, determination, free spirit.
  • Purple:  3rd eye charka, intuition, spirituality, joy, sharpness
  • White:  Purity, crown chakra, wholeness, innocence, understanding.

Thanks for reading hope this helps some people out there! Stay safe lovelies!

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Mar 14, 2019
If you were to double knot a knot would it increase the affectiveness of the knot?

Jul 12, 2020
Where’s the knot spell

Jul 13, 2020
This is an article teaching people the basics of knot magick, not a spell. You can go to the spell section to look one up, or you could create one by applying the knowledge you just gained from the article.

Jul 13, 2020
Ok. . Thanks

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