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Name: LotusKing
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Ok first off let's cover the rules when messaging me :

1. Don't be narcissistic, I don't care if you act like that time to time but not for the whole conversation.

2. I don't wish to discuss religions.

3. Be kind, obviously.

4. I'll most likely give you information if I feel like it, or if you ask me to. I'll give you ideas on how to do something so you won't have to rely on others to do it for you.

5. Use proper grammar. If your first language isn't English then please try your best.

6. When asking questions make sure they make sense.

7. Stay cool.

8. I am willing to talk about anything even if it seems impossible to most. I believe anything is possible even if it has never been proven. I will not change my mind. I will not argue over this.

I love logging on and seeing that I have mail. It makes me feel satisfied yet excited. So if you wish to speak about anything whatsoever then go right ahead and mail me.

What path I follow:

I am of the LHP path. Meaning, I strive for the apotheosis of the self, in a way. RHP is striving for universal oneness, or becoming one with the universe/god(dess). LHP is short for Left Hand Path and RHP is short for Right Hand Path.

What I study :


Dragonic Magick(Having to do with Dragons)


Elder Scrolls Magick(If you wish to know what I mean then don't be afraid to ask.)

Don't come to me crying over something or feeling depressed and saying stupid stuff like "I want to die." It just makes me mad, if you are feeling that way then go make a friend or watch a video or play a game or something. Get the idea, it's not that hard to cheer yourself up. There is always something.You just need to become aware of what you enjoy. Now don't go spouting to me that "there's no one left," "'I'm all alone," "no one loves me." If you keep thinking that way then it will come true. Do something about it.
Also, see if there are parasites around you as they commonly cause these thoughts. Getting rid of the parasites can help you. You can do that through banishing rituals such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram(LBRP). There are videos on how to perform it on YouTube.


Previous accounts - 1. B1ack_h01e 2. ooooo 3. WoopWoop