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An article to inform you about what is black magic.

Magick: A natural, neutral energy source that brings desired change.

Magick is not colour, but intention. Magick, like nature, doesn't do things for moral reasons. A rainstorm can end a drought or cause a flood. Magick acts the same way. When a witch chooses to direct this neutral energy through a spell, they give it a positive, or negative charge. Black magick, therefore, is any spell that seeks to harm an individual. You are focusing your negative intentions on a person or situation, unlike a white magick spell, where you focus your positive energy to bring a positive change. What exactly is harm, where the limit is, and what truly would be positive or negative, are all concepts the individual should contemplate before casting any spell. Negative energy feels cold, heavy, intimidating and angry. If you feel on edge, chances are there's a build-up of this energy in your space. After casting a curse or other spell with this energy, you may feel uneasy, agitated, or ill-tempered. This is due to not properly grounding the energy once finished. Research grounding techniques so you may release this energy and protect yourself from further ill effects.

While it is still popular to refer to these as black and white, many witches today try to step away from colour association with magick. Historically, the notion that white is "pure and good" whereas black is "tainted and evil" stems from racial constructs. Many Pagans today wish to evaluate these cultural views and find new ways to identify them. Since the energy is positive, or negative, many choose instead to focus on the intention of the spell in question. Negative spells, such as curses, rely on our negative emotions rather than positive ones. Channel your hatred, anger, and frustration when casting these spells. This works the energy into a frenzy as you visualize harm coming to your target. Curses require more energy to cast correctly because it draws from emotions and ideas we choose to avoid as a society. You require to hurt another, which goes against humanity's need for survival and forces the energy to behave unnaturally. Worse yet, negative energy lingers longer in a space, dwelling in dark spaces such as corners of the room or under shelves. As a result, this energy will remain longer than if you channel positive energy into your space.

Have I been Cursed?

A long-held fear by many new witches is the concept of being cursed. Magick, like nature, ebbs and flows. You will have highs and lows in your life, and these lows rarely are the result of a curse. The majority of curses, or even hauntings, are actually the result of energetic build-up. Remember a time you entered a room immediately after an argument. How did it feel? Uneasy? heavy? Tense? This is the result of the people charging the neutral energy surrounding us in a negative way. They didn't cast a curse, but they have filled the space with negativity. Due to the nature of life, regular cleansings are necessary for a happy life. There are a plethora of ways to cleanse, please research further to find the best for you. Provided below is a common outline for a basic cleansing.

It is wise to cleanse yourself first with a sea salt bath. Fill your tub with water, add 3/4 of a cup of salt and any cleansing herbs you desire. Step into the tub, and visualize/feel negative energy being washed off you and into the water. Pull the plug, and visualize the energy leaving with the water. Put on fresh, clean clothes, and move on to cleansing your home. The most commonly used method is with sage smudge. Sage has natural cleansing properties, the smoke of the bundle is to be waft throughout the home, and it cleanses, or cleans, all the energy, returning it to it's natural, neutral state. Be sure to have your windows and doors open as you do this so any negative energy or entities may leave your home. Once your cleansing is complete, which may take longer depending on how much energy needs to be removed, close the doors and windows, and cast a protection on your home. This will ensure the energy will not return. You will know you have done this correctly when you feel calm and safe in your space. Be aware, over time, energy will return to your home and you will require to cleanse again, but it will become less frequent as you become more aware of the energy around you.

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