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Name: luciferson66
Birthday: Nov 24 2002
Location: Waiting to become. Vampire
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Jul 2019
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I'm here for one reason and that's to become a vampire or Demon its my life dream if you can help me grate please message me :-) but if you can't and you just wanna talk or need help with something then mail me I hate an empty mail box. Even if you know someone who can help me message me please the person who helps me I will forever and eternally be grateful to you. Name - lee Eyes ~ blue Hair ~ natural blond Zodiac~ cusp of revolution Sexual orientation~ gay Likes~ vampire witches demons werewolf. Anything supernatural Dislikes~posers rude people people who tell me I can't do something People who say vampire are not real People who say I can't become one Root:under-active (-44%) Sacral:under-active (-38%) Navel:open (19%) Heart:under-active (-25%) Throat:open (31%) Third Eye:over-active (88%) Crown:open (31%) I hate when people try to use me or control me. I hate feeling powerless. Im not some puppet on stings that you can play with. So don't dare try to get close to me if you just going to use me or try and control me Part of. A coven called the zodiac nights. Its not on here yet but will be soon. Wow your still reading Thx Lol