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Name: WolfForce235
Birthday: Jun 24 1991
Location: deep black shadows of darkness and death
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 04 Aug 2020
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Coven Title: Council

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my old account is WolfMidnight so this is my new account. Why should I...I only do Info if I know them. Just call me Midnight. I am a otherkin, I don't really care about humans that thinks they know anything that they don't even know of. I also a Nature witch, familiar witch. I like creepypasta, I think they are cool. I am single in both male and female so I only date if they aren't untrue or using me for something that I don't really like. I hate some humans not all just a couple few humans. Looking for other packs 6that's interested me to join, I'm up for it. Wants to meet creepypasta in person because they are cool. I am single bisexual who loves creepy stuff, insanity even in dreams only if I am in deep pain or other stuff and more. Girlfriend and boyfriend: single. I do hear some voices of a male and female but not all the times. Im in two inhuman clans. I'm a sith warrior type, I also follow the sith code.