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Information on the lunar cycles and their correspondences to magical practice.

New Moon:

The new moon is the start of the lunar phases and occurs after the "dark of the moon." This is when a very thin crescent moon is visible in the night sky. The moon hangs low in the Western portion of the sky during this phase.

Magic for new beginnings, birth, development and growth, and fresh starts should be performed at during this lunar phase.

Waxing Moon:

The waxing moon occurs when the moon is in its first and second quarters. During this phase you'll notice that the moon starts to creep higher and higher in the Western sky. When the moon gets further into the second quarter it will start to rise in the Eastern portion of the sky about an hour or two before sunset.

The waxing moon is a time to perform magic for "increase" or to draw positive things into your life. These include: fertility, creativity, health, wellness, prosperity, happiness, and love.

Full Moon:

The full moon is the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon. The full moon rises in the East right at sunset.

This is a powerful, "all-purpose" lunar time,thus, it is a perfect time for all forms of magic.

Waning Moon:

The waning moon occurs after the full moon phase and goes into the third and fourth quarters. The moon will start to rise later in the Eastern portion of the sky each night, and each night the right side of the moon will begin to fade from view.

Magic during this time should be used to dismiss unwanted or negative energies and situations. Types of magic include: banishing, spells to rid yourself of illness, fatigue, fear, cleansing, and to drive away negativity.

Dark Moon:

This phase takes place at the last two days of the fourth quarter and the day of the new moon. This is the time during the lunar cycle when the moon can't be seen in the night sky.

Some believe that magic shouldn't be performed during this time of the lunar cycle.


" Herb Magic for Beginners: Down-to-Earth Enchantments " ~ Ellen Dugan

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