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An intro into cleansing

The "basic's of cleansing are pretty simple. I use this to cleanse my home of any negativity that may be around. First I make a smudge stick. I, personally, use herbs that I have grown myself if possible. White sage is a common ingredient in these, as well as rosemary, lavender, pine, cedar, and many more. Use what you feel will work for you or your home.

Take these items and bind them together with yarn, thread, anything that will burn. You can also wrap these in a paper with sigils, or a written chant for cleansing. Make sure you have something to extinguish the fire, or to carry this in if you need to. Don't burn anything without using common sense, obviously.

As you burn this and it begins to smoke, visualize any negativity being wrapped in smoke and carried from your home, to be put back in the universe for reuse. I usually also have a chant ready to say while cleansing my home or property. When you are finished, you can do a protection spell, make wards, sigils or whatever you choose to protect your home.


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Apr 08, 2022
Can u sugest some chant ?

Apr 08, 2022
A chant you choose should be reflective of your goals/intent, while being easy to remember, easy to repeat, and something you can resonare with in conviction. I think this is one influence to why rhyming is a popular choice. It ticks all the boxes as rhymes make things easier to remember, and they are specifically influenced by how well they roll off the tongue. I'm not committed enough to the effort of poetry myself, so I just use what comes to mind at the time.

Usually, my own chant in this scenario would be something like, ''Let no harm exist within this home. Only light and love may dwell here.''

Apr 24, 2022
Typo correction; 'resonare' should be ''resonate''

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