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A brief summary to cleansing crystals

There are a few ways you could cleanse your crystals. I will go through a few of them and the pros and cons of them. 

First you could take your stones to a stream, river, any sort of running natural water source. Let the water run over them while visualizing the negative energies leaving them, and them being clean and ready for re charging. 

Second you can use incense smoke to cleanse. You could use this for crystals, stones, tarot cards, and pretty much any magic item you wish to cleanse. Use the same method as above for visualization of cleansing. 

Third you could use regular tap water with some rock salt added to it to cleanse them. Beware the salt could potentially fade the crystal some say, I personally have had no trouble with with. Same visualization as above. 

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Jul 14, 2022
Thank you!

Jul 14, 2022
Covers the basics pretty well. But when cleansing crystals the method should be chosen based on what stone you want to clear. Some stones are water-soluble. Or are brittle and could break apart if swisher around in water. For example calcite is a collection of long fibrous crystals that break easily, and calcium will be weakened over time and repeated exposure. Some rock/crystal clusters are also only held together by their substrate (the stone the rocks grew from). Sandstone can be notoriously soft and porous, and is a common substrate. If scrubbed about too vigorously while soaking in water it could run the risk of falling apart in your hands. While most stones are fine, there are some that aren't. It's like doing laundry- Most clothes are fine, but it is best to check the tags before dumping everything into the tumble dryer.

A couple other cleansing options;

-place the crystal on a quartz cluster and let it sit in the sun for a day or over a full-moon night. (This cleanses and also charges)

-place the crystal together with a power stone/self-maintaining stone like a Herkimer diamond or blue Kyanite.

-Put the crystal to a 'deep sleep'/healing sleep by either burying it in loose soil or oiling or anointing the crystal then completely coating it in wax dripped from a candle (White, blue, or black) and then burying it or placing it into a silk bag. Let it rest and sleep for at least a full lunar cycle before un-burying/cleaning it off. **note** the wax should only be done with hard, non-porous, and smooth crystals and stones such as those of the quartz and obsidian families. It is a powerful healing act for the crystal, but if wax soaks in to the mineral it does not easily come back out. If at all.

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