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A descriptive narration of an experience that changed my life.

Hello all my name is Lily. I have had a magical experience that kick started my practice as a white witch.

This was of course when I was 13. I was just getting out of class and headed to the cafeteria for lunch. It was mid fall and I was tired from the exhausting tests that i had just taken.I was worried I wasn't prepared for my social studies test. So I quickly researched a spell to help me answer the questions with confidence that I was correct. I found a spell on m.o.s. and used it immediately. I simply followed the directions as given but I did not have the test in hand so I just wrote social studies test on a piece of notebook paper with my teachers name the date my name and a few questions I thought would be on the test. Then drew a pentacle on it. I spoke the spell as directed and focused on the outcome I wanted.

Well I then ended my spell with so be it. I kept thinking about the test and how I needed to pass it as I ate my lunch.

Lunch ended as usual and I felt lightheaded. My stomach was churning and I had my notebook in hand. I went to the restroom and washed my face. I took several deep breaths and told myself that I can pass that test. Then I looked into the mirror.

In the mirror was me. Next to me another me but with glasses. I was shocked and looked beside me and no one was there.but the other me was in the mirror. She nodded before disappearing into my reflection.

I was scared straight ,but then I pulled myself together and told myself I was crazy. I walked out of the bathroom like nothing had happened and went straight to class.

Once in class I sat at my desk. The test already there waiting for me.

The class began and we were instructed on how to fill out the test. And when the tardy bell rang we began taking the test.

Each question surprisingly was not what we were taught but somehow I knew the answers.

The next day I was called into the principles office. And the principle had my parents sitting there. They looked very concerned. I began to feel that concern. I asked politely why I was needed. And the n the teacher came into the room holding my test. I was surprised to see i had made a 100% on it. And I asked once again why I was needed.

My mother spoke up and told me that the teacher suspected cheating. I laughed at the suggestion. How was i a cheater? Because I passed it?

They said that some kids had seen me in the cafeteria acting strangely with a piece of paper that said social studies test on it. And they wanted to see it.

I then laughed again but I complied. I gave them the blank test piece of paper with all the things I wrote on it. But the strange part was that the pentacle was not there. I smirked at it.knowing that's why the spell had worked.

My mother noticed no questions were on it and she cleared the air by stating that it looks like a practice for filling out a test not a cheat sheet. My social studies teacher began to blush and everyone looked at me and asked "how did you know the answers?" I shrugged. I answered with. I read alto about history. I could not believe what was suggested next. I take a higher level class. Skip a grade? Yes!

Still today I have this in memory.

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