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It supposed to be one of alternative to celebrate your Samhain which I did for the last 2 years

Samhain Ritual is always special for me since I know about Wicca and Western Paganism. This kind of ritual is part of ancestor worship which deep rooted in my background as a Chinese. Chinese usually celebrated their ancestral worship on the 7th month of Chinese Calendar especially during the full moon. I replicated the similar ritual for Samhain and I would like to share with all of you through this article. What you need: - Your ancestor or passed family photograph or effigies - Candles which preferably white minimum 2 but you can add as many as you like - Incense or Aromatheraphy Burner to build the situation - Snacks and a pot of either black or green tea for offering - Mirror or Crystal Ball There is no particular time for this but I usually start at 11 PM and End it either at Midnight or 1 AM. I will set a small coffee table with a table cloth, set up the offerings, effigies and candles then light on the candles and incenses/burner. I start with an invitation Chant as follow: In the name of Gods and Goddesses, the protectors of the realm and all watch tower of cardinal direction! I invite you to attend my little feast and protect me from evil. (take a cup of tea and make a circle around you with the tea) I humbly plead you oh ancestors, my fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who has passed to hereafter but bind by love to me (offered a cup of tea by set a cup for them in the altar) I humbly plead you oh ancestors, masters, wise one, and sages of ancient who has passed to afterlife but bind by wisdom to me (offered a cup of tea by set a cup for them in the altar) I humbly plead you oh ancestors, friends, sons, daughters and scions who destined to come and bind by destiny to me (offered a cup of tea by set a cup for them in the altar) Come and join my little feast, celebrate with me and bless me with your very presences. I will sit inside the circle afterward and start the offering prayers. Offering prayers is usually something we can offer them which will be useful for all the ancestor. I know some of you maybe believe that we do not need anything after we passed since Summer land has provided anything we need but as part of tradition of Chinese Folks religion, we do send something to our ancestor as a sign of filial piety. As a Buddhist, I do believe the one that they really need is prayers toward liberation therefore I usually send them the Aspiration of Amitabha Buddha. I do compose a short offering prayer which quite neutral to use for this part. Offering Prayers: Mother of moon, Father of Sun, Guardian of Nature and The Enlightened One. Bless us with your grace, Bless us with your wisdom. Lead all my folks to the righteous path, guide them in wisdom and provide them in time of needs. I pray for the progress of each soul in this table, may each of them gain happiness and peace in Union with You. The Next Step is the western tradition of Divination. I use mirror/crystal gazing because its easier to get the vibe when the veil is thinning. I started with a mirror gazing spell then meditate while gazing into the mirror or Crystal Ball. It is very effective especially if you miss one of your departed relatives since you may actually see them. Mirror Gazing Spell is as follow: Clear as Sky, Clear as Day may the mirror clear my doubt away. Ancestor kind Ancestor Wise let the mirror talk for you. Goddess Love and God Wisdom may the mirror speak the truth. Finally you need to disband the party and end the ritual. I use this kind of prayers: The Night is late, The Night is Cold Come you have, Go you must With the blessings of Gods and Goddesses, I thank you for your presences Merry ye Meet, Merry Ye Part. I thanks the watch tower for your might, I thanks The Gods and Goddesses for your protection, I thanks the ancestors for their presences. I am grateful as truly am. I hope this ritual did not break any rules of the articles and could be useful for all my pagans folks.

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Great will experiment it

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