Bastet, queen of cats

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The Egyptians cat goddess.

Patron of the sun (originally), the moon (after the Greeks), cats, women, and secrets, Goddess of Protection and Pleasure. The cult of Bastet originally sprouted up around the town of Bubastis, which takes its name from her. She was probably the most famous Egyptian goddess after Isis. To those who were in her favor, she gave great blessings, but her wrath was legendary.

Her worship was widespread, and her cult apparently had a great deal of power. Also called Bast, she was a goddess of sex and fertility, but she was also recognized as the goddess of music and dance. She was originally a sun goddess, but after contact with the Greeks, she changed to a moon goddess, so she is one of the few sun goddesses that can also be classified as a moon goddess, her glowing cat's eyes reminding us of the moon that it reflects within.

Cats were sacred to Bastet, and to harm one was deemed a great transgression. Bastet's importance in the Egyptian pantheon might be due to the great value placed on the domesticated cat by the Egyptians. Most households in Egypt contained a small statue of Bastet as a form of household protection or they used the utchat or all-seeing eye. This symbol could be hung over the door as a deterrent to thieves and vandals or was placed over the fire to help avert illness. For the traveler it was worn around the neck as an amulet taking the power of the Goddess with them. Bastet will bring out the feminine feline within you.

Even though both women and men are drawn to her and she accepts both with equal standing, the female spirit of her essence can have an invigorating effect on those who seek her sensual side. Bastet, in her infinite wisdom teaches us to relax, she reminding us to bathe in beauty, use perfume liberally, and to embrace the graceful movements of dance. Bastet refuses to take anything too seriously. Bastet is a wise goddess.

She can be invoked to help with problems concerning domestic life, work situations and success, as well as love and good health. You can also call on Bastet for more serious aid if you are seeking courage, strength or are in danger. Her sacred candle colors are red, green and white. Bastet can also be invoked to help balance our sacral Chakra by gathering together several gemstones that symbolize fire, these can include such as coral, tigers eye and amber. Lighting an orange candle will help symbolize the orange energy of the sacral Chakra.

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