Energy Harmonization and Manifestation

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A ritual used to bind aura and chi energy into a single form to be used as an alternative energy source for spells.

As spoken in the description, this ritual is a transformative practice, a journey in looking upon one's inner being and manifesting it for both spell work, but also extending one's one energy and prowess. Before you begin, the ritual requires a moderate to expert level of understanding how aura works and feels, as well as the concepts of chi and how to draw it out. It also valuable to know how to envision and construct shapes and define colors in your aura or chi, but is not necessarily required, as long as your mind is open to the concept. A short description of both, to distinguish them as both a reminder and a note for the uninitiated. Aura is the electromagnetic field that is released from one's body. Typically an inch to two inches in thickness from the top of one's skin, it is invisible but can be detected. Dedicated practice reveals coloration in one's eyes to the aura which reflects a person's mood or psychic state. Aura can be manipulated and channeled through the chakras of the body. It is the most common application of energy people use for magic. Chi is a living force. Like Aura, it exhumes from the body, but its power draws from the living tissue, organs and blood. It is energy manifested often in martial meditation and practice, but also has applications in many forms; including yoga, tai chi, etc. It has some spell work, but it works more on the physical level, such as increasing one's tolerance to pain, clearing the mind and inducing a lot more pain or suppressive force in practiced strikes. To perform this ritual it is recommended to find a dark room where you will not be disturbed. The ritual can take minutes or hours depending on how far along you are in learning how to draw out bodily energy, so plan accordingly. Any electrical equipment should be turned off and as far removed as possible, as it may affect one's senses of their own field. Taking a comfortable position of whatever you choose, you must now determine your flow of energy. There will be two methods we will be covering that may suit your needs. Typically, the aura is channeled from the Power Hand, which is your most dominant hand. Chi can escape the body in any measure desired, though, for the first method, it should escape the Left Hand, or Receiving Hand. Next, focus on your chakras. Meditate until they all are as open as possible. If this happens to be your first time opening all of them, you may not achieve this. If you do, be mindful and let it do its work. For some, it can be quite an overwhelming, though enlightening, experience. Next, envision a small hole in the middle of your right palm. See the invisible lines of the auric pathways that permeate your body, in your mind's eye, and focus your energy through them. Let the energy coalesce just above the hole and form something. The properties of it is completely unique to each person, so let it be natural, do not try to restrain the form or color it takes. Let it come to you naturally. As part of the first method, then, do the same for your chi in your left hand, but instead, chi runs through the veins, blood vessels and systems of your body, to gather and release from your left hand. It might take some directing but should not feel overly forced or painful. If it does so, cease immediately and try method two further below. Continuing with method one, assuming you now hold two instances of your energy in your hands, now bring your hands slowly together, palms facing each other. Visualize the two energies beginning to spiral towards the center and slowly come together to create new energy. This process may take some time and cannot be forced. You should slowly join them with your hands until they freely tug on each other and pull closer together like magnets. Then they will then merge at their own pace. The second method is to hold your auric energy with both hands and allow the chi from your body to flow out naturally from all around you. Imagine the energy exhuming from your body attaching to the aura energy like a magnet and slowly being absorbed together. Again, this process may take some time. This new energy is a culmination of you and what you are, representing both your physical and mental state as well as your spiritual aptitude. It is now free to use just like any energy, but in practice it's purpose is much more focused and empowered. With practice, you will find you can change the energy's purpose to suit your specific needs, with the benefit of both using your life force. The first bit of practice with that energy is to form an extension of yourself. It can take any shape, but it is suggested to make it into the shape of something you would read or write within. The shape and contents of which are different for each person. If this is something one is not capable of doing, astral travel or dream travel may be required first before fully realizing and manifesting the energy in this way. This is a highly experimental practice that has come with numerous results that have helped a number of people in their practice. The main contributor would ask that if this ritual is practiced, that the results are shared with him. Contributor: ChaosDreamer

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