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The a art of rasing the dead Introduction

Necromancy is not about raising the dead. True necromancy is about conversing with the dead. Often confused with sorcery, the true definition of necromancy is the "Art of Divination via communication with the dead". Necromancy has its roots in shamanic mysticism and it is often used for journeying into the realm of the dead using shamanic methods.

Necromancy is a method of divination as Cartomancy is a method of divination. Cartomancy is the art of divination using cards, examples of which include playing cards, tarot cards, Oracle cards and similar. The methods of divination of necromancy include scrying, dreams, witch boards, and shamanic meditations.

The art of necromancy is communing with the dead as it is believed that for the dead time stands still so they can see equally the past, the future and the present. Necromancy is seen as a bridge between life and death, encompassing the mystery of joining both realms. It is widely believed that there are certain secrets and knowledge which is only found in the world of the dead, and most necromancers sought away to access those secrets. It was also easier to talk to the dead than to spirits as the dead were once living and thus understand thoughts and emotions that the spirits cannot comprehend.

There is a common belief in both necromancy and shamanism about honouring ancestors. In both the ancestral past is very important as it is believed that the ancestors watch over their heritage line as their own existence depends on their own descendants. This is why in many ancient traditions honouring the ancestors is such an important part of their culture. In most modern countries it is starting to be a lost memory as most people are very quick to forget that ancestors.

It is generally thought it doesn't matter how long the dead have been dead as they maintained the knowledge they gained in life but in ancient Greece. However, the philosophers disagreed with this theory. In that when someone died they began to drift away from the living. It was perceived. The longer someone was dead, the less likely they could communicate in a way to be understood by the living.

The two most famous necromancers of history are the Witch of Endor and the Goddess Circe. in homeless the Odyssey, there is reference to Odysseus having to learn from Circe the art of necromancy to enter the underworld to contact Tiresias in his effort to find a way home to his Penelope.

Witch Boards

In Egyptian times, these were called Luck or Spirit boards. Other names include Ouija and Planchette. These were originally used as oracles and conduits to the Spirit realms. It it is thought that the ancient oracle boards from central Africa could be the basis to the boards that come from history. For the Ouija board there is no real history and its roots are unknown.

But in this modern age they have become more a toy for teenagers or used in party games. In very recent times they are making something of a renaissance as occultists and some artists are starting to create some very new and stunning boards in both contemporary theme as well as some stunning new designs.

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