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In astrology the days of the week are governed by particular planets, and the planets have specific meanings. In order to tip the odds in your favor. Its always good to align the type of spell you're doing to the most propitious day of the week.

Day Ruler Meaning


  • Sun
  • Success
  • healing
  • happiness


  • Moon
  • Intuition
  • women, mother figure
  • creativity


  • Mars
  • Energy
  • passion
  • sexuality
  • aggression


  • Mercury
  • Communication messages
  • the mind
  • the intellect
  • siblings


  • Jupiter
  • Expansion
  • luck
  • success
  • higher education
  • the law


  • Venus
  • Love
  • art
  • Beauty
  • money
  • women


  • Saturn
  • Responsibility
  • structure
  • details

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