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Information about Qabalah.

Qabalah (Kaballa, Cabala) is the cup that has carried the mystery teachings of many cultures (Persia, Rome, Greece, Egypt, India etc.) through to us today. Although also known as the esoteric wisdom of Israel, it is actually a synthesis of the best of the mystery teachings of the world. 

There are three levels to most religions. The exoteric, orthodox level contains rules of behavior to be followed. The "middle" level is for those who want to know why they should or shouldn't things. 

It is for the thinkers. The third is the mystical level. This is for those who are not content to learn what to do or why, who are not satisfied to read about someone else's revelations, but who want to experience the absolute for themselves. Qabalah reveals the mystical aspect of Judism and Christianity. Similarly, the mystics in Islam are the Sufis. 

Qabalah does not offer fixed ideas but rather is a training in new ways to think. The word Qabalah is from the root, Qabal, which means "to receive". Qabalah means "the reception" and the teachings are received by the ready pupil from one who is already more awakened. As the light received is extended, one receives more. 

Qabalah teaches that there is only one great being, one self who is the whole universe. This One Being is all that was, is or will be. Qabalists are not content with an eternal dichotomy between divine and devil. They believe in one without a second. Who you are, is that same one. There is no "other". 

The Qabalistic method is to give the pupil a series of related symbols for him to cogitate upon. As the inner relationship between the symbols becomes clear to him, he receives greater energy and experiences profound awakening. 

Through this process, his identity, his awareness shifts from seeming to be a personal being searching for greater truth to that of the One Being, currently enjoying being a human in time. 

The basic teaching glyph of Qabalah is the Tree of Life. The 22 pathways connecting the ten spheres of the Tree of Life are the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, represented graphically as the 22 major arcana of the Tarot. 

The Tree of Life is the "Rosetta Stone of the mysteries". It is a sorting system that reveals meaningful relationships between all phenomena. It is a "compendium of religion, science and philosophy". It is a roadmap of the path of return. Paracelsus went as far as to say that no one could expect to become wise without studying the Qabalah. 

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