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In this article, I am going to teach you the meanings of colours and how knowing them can help improve your spells.

Here is the table of colours:

RED: Love, Energy, Passion, Danger

ORANGE: Health, Attraction, Stand Out, Wealth, Youth, Happiness

YELLOW: Cheer, Attention, Childish, Fresh, Warmth, Energy, Optimism

GREEN: Soothing, Natural, Balance, Restful, Envy, Jealousy

BLUE: Trust, Intelligence, Calm, Faith, Stable, Power

PURPLE: Royal, Curiousity, Luxury, Childish, Creativity, Sadness

PINK: Tenderness, Sensitive, Caring, Sympathy, Love, Sexuality, Immaturity

BLACK: Bold, Rich, Power, Mystery, Elegance, Strength, Death

When you are doing a ritual or spell, having a coloured candle that suits the spell can improve the magic and make it stronger. For example, if you are doing a spell for wealth, you can use an orange candle. If you are doing a ritual to keep away evil spirits, you can use a red or black candle. If you are doing a spell for love, you can use a pink or red candle, depending on the type of love you want, and so on. However, if the spell or ritual requires candles and already calls for a specific colour, it's best to have those colours and add your own if you wish, instead of changing the spell. Painting a room the colour that best represents the kind of magic you are interested in can also help. If you do different kinds of magic, you can also have coloured furniture. Now, about the colour white. White is a neutral colour, so if a spell or ritual calls for candles and you don't have any coloured candles, white is your best bet. If you do all kinds of different magic, you can do your magic in a white room.Thats all for now, hope this helped!

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