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Simple tools to develop extra sensorial abilities.

In order to progress and reveal the mysteries of the craft, is imperative to open your senses. We all have that connection to the divine. For some is activated at birth, for others it needs to be trained. As it follows. clairvoyance- In order to see the spiritual realms, is imperative that we see what we have in front of us. Look around and concentrate on every detail in your surroundings. Patterns,shapes,colors, people etc. You'll find how many things go unnoticed by the conscious mind. Take in what you see,and in no time, the unseen will reveal itself to you. Clairaudience- In order to hear messages from the other side, you need to learn to hear and separate background noise. Being aware of where and how sound travels is important. We all have heard sounds that go unnoticed. Some even have an internal voice that warns us of danger. To be able to separate, our inner voice,outside sounds and any possible communication from other realms will help you to learn how to listen. Clarisentience- to feel. Sometimes we feel a presence near us. The chills, as some may call it help us to know that something or "someone" is near. To enhance this sense is good to be aware how your body reacts to touch. Taste- sometimes we receive, a clue or association via taste. Like a metallic flavor, food or even blood taste in our mouth. For this we can be more aware of our sense of taste. Smell- Some entities carry a trace of a scent. Perfume, sulfur etcetera that can help us identify who or what is in the room with us. For this you have to train yourself to know the changes and origin. Knowing- This is for unknown knowledge that is pick up in the air or from an object. To be able to pay attention to said information can be useful in your magical workings. For example, when you enter a room or grab an object and know the circumstances that surrounds the place or object. This can lead to a better understanding to what you're dealing with. Empathy- Even though, empaths are born, is possible to develop a bridge between you and others by tapping into their emotions. How? Simple , be open and sincerely interested in their being. Feel their joy, feel their pain. Relate to others. This can help open your aura to pick up hints and feel them. Be aware of your own body and what is trying to tell you. Then open your heart and soul to receive the clues and messages that are around you. Practice meditation and take care of yourself. Blessed be.

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Mar 22, 2020
thank you beautiful article

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