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A brief summary on various energies I have learned about.

Ki and Chi : Ki is Japanese and chi is Chinese, although they are both the same. This is our life energy. When a person dies, this energy goes to deep within the Earth and mixes with the Earth's energy. Ki has force that can break objects whereas mana does not. Everyone can control this energy, which helps in healing, destroying, breaking, strengthening body parts and more, but one must also be careful. This energy keeps us alive, so if used too much one could become seriously injured or even die (although the chances of that are low). When ki is condensed, it is known as jing which could effect or destroy physical objects.

Mana : Mana is the life energy that guides our planet. One can control this energy using their mind. My personal theory is that there are four different mana: Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Air is in the wind that is everywhere around us. Mana does not have any force but it is convertible. As an example, one can use fire mana to make flames and combining water mana and cold air mana to make ice. Mana is an important energy. There are also some special mana that I feel is unknown and forbidden, thus I will not share it.

Psi : Psi is the energy of the mind. It can be summoned like ki, but there is also another way. First, it is crucial to let your mind know that you are using the mind's energy, then cupping and thinking about a ball of your favourite colour emerging between your hand. It is mostly used by magicians than it is for damaging. It is used for elemental magic or many commands, though people usually mistake it for Ki.

Soul : This is a special energy which is known, yet unknown. Ki is in our life, in other words our bodies energy. but soul energy is our soul's energy. Soul energy's purpose is very different as well as strange. When someone's soul energy increases, the persons control over the body increases. There are many other purposes but sharing it I feel will cause a bad effect in this world, therefore I will also not share how to control it.

Kundalini : This is a special energy. It lies in our spine under our base chakra, although I do not know much about it. This energy can help one to levitate, turn invisible, have super hearing, super smelling, and many more abilities.

Maxim : I call this energy Maxim. It is a special energy given to many persons in this world, although there are few people who possess this kind of energy. This energy is individually based, so its power, ability, and purpose varies on the person, and each person with this energy has a special purpose.

Spiritual Energy : Spiritual energy is different than soul energy and similar to ki. It does not need conditioning. It can effect physical objects after practicing with it for a long period of time, and is one of the strongest energies since it is the power of our spiritual body.

Aura : Every physical being and object has aura, however, living beings aura is different than that of objects. Every person has their own coloured aura. Aura can be used for changing your appearance, for example, being more cute, honest, dangerous, etc. Aura can also be used for destroying, but rather than destroying it can be useful for enchanting and many other purposes. Aura is kind of like our emotions. When someone is going to kill somebody, his aura turns bloody or black. By giving our aura types like elastic or rubber it can used to to contract and expand. Using our aura we can make our defenses stronger or increase our damaging power. It can also be used for caring for people, giving fear, looking smart, or handsome. Aura is a very mysterious energy.

There are also some other energies which are unknown to me, but when I learn them I will share with everyone.

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Jan 06, 2019
This article was very helpful to me, thank you.

Jan 06, 2019
How do you find out if you have Maxim?

Feb 09, 2019
I want you to also understand that emotions are energy as well that are triggered and are very dangerous if uncontrolled. It is very important to understand and know emotional energy because they are like the elements themselves. Negative emotions, I like to refer to them as demons sometimes for a religious point of view, can destroy everything about you if left unchecked. Letting Anger, lust, jealousy, greed, ect. Flow freely for long periods of time can cause so much damage it's unreal. It will cause blockages to the chakras, harden your heart so that the heart chakra closes, and it will get to the point of harming the body and cause even death. This is why the Ego is dangerous. Very dangerous if left uncontrolled. The Ego can represent Satan and your highest self as God. I see the symbolism in everything. You just gotta put all the pieces together. So, meditate often, ask for guidance from God/your highest self, and remember that you are powerful. Nothing is impossible, for the mind is very powerful.

May 02, 2019
Very eloquently put, GoddessAmber. Thank you, this comment deeply resonated with me.

Nov 26, 2020
I think Anger's an emotion just like any other, important. Sure, you may say anger crimes are not important and should rather be avoided, but tell me this? Do you want to be calm when your parents are killed and the murderer escapes? No, you want to let your anger out and want to try to kill the person yourself (you shouldn't tho). Burying your emotions won't work. Dealing with them and embracing them will work. When you're angry, use it as fuel for success. For example, maybe your teacher thinks you're stupid. Use the anger as motivation to get the best grade you can on her tests. However, you should really try to stop yourself from getting angry if you can. I'm saying this because magick is energy, and emotional energy can be used to sub-consciously cast a spell (emotional magick). Don't bury your anger, embrace it and find a way to put that anger to use.

Apr 17, 2019
I must thank you so much :) this will help me alot. Arigato

Jan 09, 2020
I like this article. Just to add on manna. Manna is also fire in the sky.

Jul 26, 2020
First of all , the definition of kundalini shakti is the energy of the goddess present in living creatures which gives us life and consciousness. Since in it is the goddess that gives energy and magic to all . Also kundalini connects us to the magical energy in the universe . Hence it is the base of magic . Without this even gods are powerless . In hindu gods the kundalini is said to give them powers and is the Feminine part in them . Next kundalini rests on root chakra and is not below it . Kundalini is associated with goddess and lord ganesha.

Jul 29, 2020
The fun part comes when Psi, Ki and the energy from the crown come together. You called it ''soul energy''. Well, this soul energy is exactly what you said: ''energy of the soul''. When you want to 'draw' from the crown, you get quite an amount of energy. The problem is that you're defeating the purpose of living. Disregarding that last part, what I mean by this convergence is basically... if you try to make an energy ball (most commonly known as psi ball for some reason), you usually give it ki from your hands and, sometimes unconsciously, add psi from the third eye. If you want to make it even stronger, you can draw from the crown, but I really wouldn't recommend it. In my eyes, psi = ki. Also, just a clarification, the ''Crown'' refers to the soul chakra/crown chakra; The seventh and last one, situated above the head. That's just how I see it though. From what I've noticed, my personal, natural ki color seems to be gold or sometimes orange, psi is white-ish blue and the crown's energy is either white or purple (which is more rare).

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