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To say about myself,I am not specific about my path . I practice many kinds of witchcraft including herb magic,Cleansing magic, sigil magic, white magic and many more. I believe in the limitations of magic ,since there is no Use of being in a misconception and wasting energies in things that simply can't happen . I have good knowledge about Hindu mythology (since i am a hindu myself) , so feel free to ask me about any queries involving the correspondences of hindu Gods with different types of magic, herbs ,etc and about customs of their worship (since you may need it if you Are summoning or channelling them because each god has specific way of conduct for worship) and any other questions about Hinduism . Also i know much about earth angels and empaths (I am an empath myself). I can easily determine one's earth angel (if any) or whether the person is an empath or not, so ,you can also ask me for help regarding these . I am a follower of Shaktism and have deep belief on the Divine Feminine. I may also clarify that I am not a tantric witch ,cuz i never practiced black magic . I mostly work withhindu and greek gods (especially 10 Mahavidyas , Gayatri and Hecate).

My hobbies include cooking, reading and writing fantasy stories ( I am a huge fan of this genre ), painting,travelling and singing and many more .

Other practices:-

Ayurveda(my lifestyle is fully herbal)

Yoga(being healthy is necessary)

Gardening ( I love nature)

Psychiatry ( i want everyone to feel mentally and emotionally healthy)

Understanding types of souls (classifying them)

There are many more hobbies of mine .

Some stuff about my personality:-

I am liberal and non judgemental. (Since psychiatry is my hobby and I am also an empath). I digest anything without a gossip or judgement . You can open up to me . I never try to break someone's trust.

I love to teach (anything I know) . But this doesn't mean that i can tutor you for magic , i don't have enough time for it (sorry). I can just answer some questions .

I love helping people. Kindness is so simple if someone wills to act that way.

But still, I can't tolerate negative people. None can .

I am a modernist in terms of thinking and point of view. (The reason of me being non judgemental)

There is a lot more about me but i don't feel like typing (I think I am exhausted).