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Tips on what and what not to do when writing an article.

When writing an article...

- DON'T put ALL CAPS on the title, it doesn't look good.

- DON'T use multiple exclamation marks!!!

- DO put a summary so readers know what their going to read.

- DON'T use text words, we all need to fully understand the words.

All these steps are pretty simple and might help you when typing an article.

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May 02, 2020
How do I make one?

May 03, 2020
You need to be a council member of a coven, then go to the article section and in the upper right corner [bellow the ''sign out'' tab] there's an ''add article'' tab. Please keep a few things in mind before posting [because you can't delete spells/articles and editing is a bit of a process] on top of the above points, watch your spelling/grammar, and be sure you understand the subject you're writing an article on [or you've tested it] all the best on your article posting ^_^

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