Law of Attraction and Universal Laws.

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What people don't like to admit,But most of the time can't figure things out like this.

This is based upon that of what I gathered about this actual law and like many , some are able to use it easily ,and others don't because they don't have the right mindset when trying to use this natural law.

By science it doesn't look like it exist unless they actually use it in order to get or do something by using it.

For me I opened my chakra's along time ago sustaining damage ,but I wanted to gain back my psychic abilities that I had like chi and aura seeing and spirit seeing. So what I thought was I have to think logical but with a firm and realistic view upon it. And have to make sure my unconscious which affects how you manifest stuff. I had to make sure I cleared negative thought out and solved problems in my thinking . Every night I before I went to sleep I thought I believe that my I will be able to use the Law of Attraction . After a few day's was able to recover my abilities including spirit seeing. Do understand why I was able to recover them after years of not using them . Was because I believed that every human being is created with each of their special abilities of sorts in many different forms . I was able to learn them in less then a weak . I believed That We were born and it came natural to humans but you have to be ready in order to manifest such thing's . Because even fear can be used accidently with the law of attraction so Don't be negative and don't expect that it will happen . Because If you don't expect it it can create it's self quicker because the universe it's self listens to each and everyone of us and if you connect you'll be able to manifest even good luck which is awesome natural luck is alot different it's alot more powerful .

Law of Attraction can attract a partner over time , you abilities , it effect's you if you believe it's possible people use it whether they be good or bad people .

Just know it's always open to every one.

To learn it , it just takes logic and a strong sense of realism.

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