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How to make potions, and matching up the right herbs.

Potion making goes back to the burning ages, and the term "potion" was definitely not used back then (although it does make a good tv show, the reality of potion making is far more complex). First off, knowing your way around herbs, and knowing what to put in your potion. A good witch/wiccan needs to know what they're putting into their cauldrons. They need to know what the herbs mean, what they can be used for and which spells they are used in. Lets say you are thinking about making a love potion. Stuffing your cauldron with rose petals is DEFINITELY not the way to go. (I suggest going to the main article page, and looking through the herbs articles.) You would start off with apricot seeds, definitely aster petals, basic and bayberry. Now here is one VERY important note, you don't want to stuff your cauldron with only love herbs or else it won't work. You want to add SOME love herbs (apricot seeds &aster petals), mind clearing herbs,for him/her to focus only on you (basil) and luck herbs, for the relationship to work out (bayberry). It is also very important for the herbs to be crushed together. ( Its not necessary, but the "potion" works better) It also never hurts to do some kind of ritual (best works if done at your altar) For example, when I am done boiling the potion, I pour it into a cup, take out the herbs, and form a circle with the herbs around the cup and say a little chant. Lighting a candle also doesn't hurt if it helps you concentrate better. If you have any questions you would like me to answer about potion making, please message me. ( questions/requests about death or poison potions WILL be reported and blocked) Thank you for reading, and remember BE SAFE! :)

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Sep 19, 2023
Do you have any potion ideas for aid in lucid dreaming and or astral projecton, I suppose it would be a relaxing type potion

Oct 23, 2023
Recipe for Astral Protection Incense: (CITED - from Scott Cunningham) Ingredients: - 3 parts Sandalwood - 3 parts Benzoin - 1 part Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris, NOT Artemisia Absinthium!) - 1 part Dittany of Crete Instructions: 1. Begin by drying the ingredients and grinding them. Sandalwood should be ground into a granular dust, while Benzoin might be sticky but can be ground with practice. 2. With focused intent on the purpose of the incense—astral projection—mix the ingredients together slowly and thoughtfully, one by one. 3. Visualize yourself flying and connected to the astral realm as you blend the ingredients. Infuse the mixture with the energy of protection and the astral plane. 4. Store the finished incense in a dark, airtight jar placed in a cool, dry location to preserve its potency. To Use: 1. Prepare a heat-resistant pot or burner and place some sand at the bottom. 2. Ignite a piece of coal or an incense coal, which can be obtained from a store that supplies church items. 3. Once the coal is ready, sprinkle some of the Astral Protection Incense on top of it. 4. Observe the amount of smoke generated by the incense indoors and adjust as needed to suit your preference. Remember to practice proper fire safety when working with incense and to experiment with the amount of incense needed for your desired level of smoke.

Oct 23, 2023
My comment is basically copy pasted but hope it helps! Its not my recipe.

Oct 23, 2023
They're not wrong, but they're limiting this to the pop culture view on potions. Potions in reality are liquid spells. Any type of spell that utilizes the water element can be considered a potion [tea, bath, soup, lotion, perfume, coffee, tincture, oil. You wanna enchant a cocktail? You've made a potion]

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