relaxation exercise and imagination exercise

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This will help you to learn to calm and control your body. as well as strengthen your imagination

First thing you want to do is lie down and relax. Imagine a big ball of flame in your core chakra and then try to push it out like a rubberband. Make sure you are not touching anything. second you want to start a slow breathing count...In one two three..out one two three. make sure you keep doing that, and as you are start tightening your feet hold for 5 seconds and release, go to the calves, thighs, bottom, stomach(it might be hard to breathe deep so just focus on the tightening), chest, back (you do this by pulling the shoulderblades back and together) then the neck, and face. remeber to count slow you want to feel the tightening of every muscle.

Now that you are relaxed imagine forcing that rubberband even furthur from you. You should feel a strain in your core chakra like a tightness. Try molding it around objects pullit in and back out like a wave, this will calm you even furthur. (by this point my palms and feet where hot so this is normal on the first try)

Now pull it back in close to you for the visualization exercise. You should think of a place you love. try a comfort place first. Try to remember every detail and actually see it in your minds eye. now focus on what all of your senses experience in this place. Like the smell of grandma baking cookies, flowers in a garden, sea water at a beach. now trap that memory and keep it there. You can always go back to that place if you retain it.

Now just relax and pull the rubberband back inside you. By this time I was tired so I fell asleep but you can play around with many other visions or your shield if you wish

Gia Bless

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