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This is just an A-Z list of stones, and their uses.

I also put a little more information on what I know about certain stones. There are literally hundreds of stones out there, and I'm not going to list every single one of them.

Agate (comes in many colors)- Promotes happiness, good manners, intelligence, good health, curative powers, strength and courage.

Alexandrite- Manifestation stone, stumulates dreams and imagery, natural stones are very rare.

Amazonite- Enoucrages faith and hope, regulates thinking facilities.

Amber- Lifts the spirits, absorbs pain and negative energies. Heals and cleanses the chakras.

Amethyst- Headahces, alsoholism, overindulgence, grief, protection, meditation, and wisdom. Also helps open up the third eye.

Ametrine- Astral travel, connects the physical realm with higher consciousness.

Angelite- Contact with the angelic realm, peace and brotherhood.

Aquamarine- Stone of courage, calms nerves, aids in marine travel, eyesight, reduces fluid retention

Apache Tears- Comforts grief, promotes forgiveness and relieves long-held grievances

Apatite- Improves ability to communicate,aid in viewing past lives

Apoplhylite- Third eyes tone, releases mental blocks, assists in Reiki healing

Aragonite- Earth-healier, and hrounding stone, transforms geopathic stress

Aventurine- Positive prosperity stone, promotes compassion and empatyh, stoothes and calms fault stress, stimulates metabolism.

Azurite- Develops psychic abilities, optic nerve, pwerful healing stone, success in business, aids fertility, arthritis, and heals at the cellular level.

Bloodstone- blood cleanser, stinulates flow of cleansing and healing energy, banishes evil and negativity, refirects spiritual forces in a positive direction

Blue Topaz- When placed on throat chakra, it aids in verbalization and communication, truth and wisdom

Blue Lace Agate- Happiness, emotional tranquility, peace of mind, neutralizes anger

Blue Quartz (Dumortierite)- Dispells fear and jealousy, promotes patiends and understanding

Boji Stones- Balance male/female energies, most effective grounding stone, removes blockages and paves the way to transformation

Calcite- enhances memory, brain power, increases mental sharpness, helps accep trasitions and change.

Carnelian- Energy, well being, protection, calms anger, aids meditation, use to cleanse other stones

Cat's Eye (Chrysoberyl)- Magical protection and grounding stone, brings happiness and serenity

Celestite(Celestine)- Attunes to higher self, dream recall and journeys out of body

Chalcedony- Dissipates negative energy, promotes harmony and generosity, transforms melancholy

Charoite- Transformation, assists rapic change on the spiritual level, helps give children calm sleep

Chrysocolla- Tranquility, absorbs negative energies in the home, cleanses and aligns all the chakras

Chrysoprase- Sedative, tranquilizer, self-esteem, all mental problems, promotes the love of truth

Citrine- Prosperity, absorbs and transmutes negative energy, cleanses the chakras

Coral- Promotes sense of well-being, arthritis, throad and voice

Danburite- Stone of enlightenment and spiritual light, links to angelic realm, lucid dreaming

Dendritic Agate- Traveler's stone, security and endurance, low blood sugar, car travel

Emerald- Creativity, memory, problem solving, neurological diseases, perception

Eye Agate- Counteracts negative thinking, protects from bodily harm

Flurorite- Helps with organization, overcome chaos, conventration, intuition, mental illness

Fuschite- Unconditional love, helps family disharmony, tough love in difficult situations.

Garnet- Inspirtes love and devotion, good for crisis situations.

Hawk's Eye (Blue Tiger's Eye)- Aids vision, insight and clairvoyance, dissolve negative thought patterns. Also helps calm down a high sex drive.

Herkimer Diamond- Activates the light body, spiritual guidance, detocifies and protects.

Hematite- Grounding, leven-headedness, common sense, practicality

Hiddenite- Place on the third eye for spiritual insights, connects to knoledge from other worlds

Jasper- Nurtures in times of stress. Promotes tranquility and wholeness. Helps with digestive tract.

Jet- Effective against evil thoughts and deep depression, protection during spiritual journeying

Kunzite- Calms emotions, meditation, repels negative influences and insecurity, balances heart, mind, and joy.

Kyanite- Does not gold nefativity, nor does it require cleansing, instantly aligns the chakras

Labradorite(Spectralite)- Helps bad backs, inspiration, spelln, enchanes sexuality, pituitary gland, aids in dream recall

Lapis Lazuli- Intellegence, creativity, ESP "powers", wisdom, fidelity, thruthfulness

Larimar- Heals past life relationships, corrects self sabotaging behavior, bestows tranquility

Lepidolite- Aids in shamanic joutneying, mental health stone (contains lithium), peaceful sleep

Lodestone(Magnetite)- Use in magnetic therapy, attracts love, commitment, and loyalty

Malachite- Optic nerve, eyesight, success in business, sex imbalance, aids in childbirth and fertility, pancreas

Moldavite- Starborne stone, communication with higher self, extraterrestials and ascended masters

Mookaite- Aboriginal healing stone from Australia, used to enter the dreams of others

Moonstone- Lucky love stone, brings happy love experiences, stimulates senses, pituitary gland, balances emotions, feminine energies, aids in pregnancy and childbirth

Morganite- Attracts love and maintains it, helps with close-mindedness and egotism

Moss Agate- Cleanses blood, balance, balances discordant emotional energies

Mother-of-Pearl- Increasespotassium, magnesium, calcium, household efficiency, organization

Mozarkite- healing the heart, centering and compassion

Obsidian- Protection stone for the super-sensitive, spiritual growth, boosts immunity

Ocean Jasper- Stone of humanitarian service, promotes responsibility, boosts immunity

Onyx (black)- Stimulates self-control, protection, physical coordination

Opal- Enhances cosmic consciousness, psychic and mystical vision, used for stealth in shamanistic cloaking

Pearl- Happy love experiences, maternal instinct, promotes antibodies, fights infection

Peridot- Rejuvination, wards off stress, fears, and guilt, nervous tention, and stomach ulcers

Petrified Wood- Security, connection to earth, comforting to those who wear it

Pietersite- The tempest stone, use in vision quest, promotes walking your own truth

Prehnite- Unconditional love, heals the healer, beneficial to hyperactive children and children with ADHD

Pyrite(Fool's Gold)- Knowledge, increase mental capacity

Quartz Crystal- All around healer and energizer, restores physical energy, psychic ability, protects against infection and injurt, headaches, and insomnia

Rhodochrosite- Rescue stone, btoken heart, find new love, helps nervous and mental exhaustion

Rhodonite- Good for sleep, restores energy following trauma or shoch, self-assurance

Rhyolite- Rejuvinates physical beauty, skin, strengthens love relationships

Rose Quartz- Love and friendship stone, find new love, rekindle old passion, reduce weight, calming agent

Ruby- Heart stone, long life, protects sensititve nature, mental balance

Rutilated Quartz- Balances emotions, increases will-pwer, perception, powerful healing quartz

Sapphire- Wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, mental clarity, protection, relieves mental depression, peace and happines, motication to achieve goals

Sardonyx- Aid for public speakers, emotional confidence, happiness, self control

Selenite- Deep healing, pure vibrations,use to cleanse other stones dissolves when wet

Seraphinite- Opening to love, cleanses the heart chakra, promotes weight loss

Smoky Quartz- Grounds and anchors while raising vibrations, clams nerves ,sense of pride in oneself

Sodalite- Thyroid, diabetes, courage and fearlessness, endurance, dispels guild and fears, aids rational thinking, clears electromagnetic pollution, helpful for environmental illness

Suglite- Disperses negative influences, cleanses and purifies the spirit, encourages positive thinking

Sunstone- Inspires joy and restores the sweetness of life, useful in seasonal affective disorder

Tektites- Balance male/female energies, spiritual growth, communication with other worlds

Tiger's Eye- Psychic protection, clear thinking, memory, bloodstream, headaches and nervous spasms

Tiger's Iron- Grounding and rotection in thimes of overwheling stress and crisis

Topaz- Aligns the meridians, promotes truth, forgiveness, and self-realization

Tourmaline (Green/Blue)- Attracts success and rosperity, relieves fatigue, increases spiritual force

Tourmaline(Pink)- Unselfishness, disperses negativity, strengthens and clarifies personal goals

Tourmaline(Watermelon)- Good for success and management, cancer prevention

Tourmalinated Quartz- Deflects detrimental environment influences, heals shadow wnergies

Tree Agate- Relieves tension, reduces fever and toxins, physical and emotional balance

Turquoise- Protection stone, inner joy and peace, aids mental relaxation, calms emotions, increases communication abilities

Unakite- A stone of vision when placed on the third eye. Helpful in convalescence, healthy pregnancy.

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