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This group plays vamp.

Im starting with Life style vamps as I personally find it the most appalling and detrimental to the vampyer movement as well as practitioners as a whole.

As with Satanism, Wicca and Christianity (of which I have only seen Satanism referred to as a lifestyle thing) some people live the Vampyre life style without spiritually being a Vampyre. You know those pagan people that where the pentagram around there neck as a symbol of their alleged devotion and faith, but never practice? What about those Christians that ware the symbol of the cross around there neck, but dont go to church, practice or pray. Lets look at the Satanists that where the inverted pentagram, but have never practiced and have no clue what Satanisim is. Ever hear of a Jew that wore the Star of David and new nothing of what it represented? All religious denominations have this type of person, but only Satanism and Vampyreisim have I seen a separate division for lifestyal. It?s a bit bias as far as I?m conserned.

Life style vamps usually where black clothing, where color contacts, have teeth implants, tell people there vamps and want to suck their blood, may even sleep in a coffin. Few have any real knowledge of what a Vampyre is. Much like witches avoid people that pretend to be witches (and it?s hard to avoid those people at times) according to a Wikipedia article the real vamp will avoid contact with the lifestyle vamps feeling that they give the wrong impression to people (which they do). Religious

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