Vampire V. Vampyre

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Vampire V. Vampyre

A vampire (spelled with an I) is a fictional creature seen on TV, similar to magic (spelled with a C) is a make believe act of sleight of hand as seen on tv.

A Vampyre (spelled with a Y) is a real life person (sometimes seen as otherkin or part of Satanism) related to a spiritual state and similar to Magick spelled with a K which is spiritual art and real.

Just as the use of the letter K in magick is used to distinguish imagined from real, the Y in vampyer is also used to separate imagined and real.

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Mar 01, 2021
vampyre spells on here are so chat

Mar 03, 2021
This requires an edit, but it is correct. You cannot become a Dracula vampire that sucks blood, turns into a bat, is allergic to garlic, burns in sunlight and anything else that comes with the myth. Spiritually, however, you can be, but it is not the same. You are a human. You might wish to dress like and act like a vampire, but you are not. Vampyers as Satanists, I have never heard of, but I would not be surprised some Satanists choose to live a vampiric lifestyle. Vampyers, as the author said, feel their spirit is not meant for a human reincarnation. Physically, and I cannot stress this enough, vampyers are human. It is spiritually where they differ.

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