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This is an article regarding our rules usage on Articles and Spells for our coven.


Articles are for information, not spell, spells will be placed on the "Spells" tab. Only Council Members have access to posting spells/articles. Articles must succeed a certain leingth of text, please do not only post one sentence. Articles must be checked for grammar, punctuations, and spelling errors (we strongly suggest). Please use proper English, not text talk.

Articles should be informative, please include details. In Articles, the Priest or Priestess is allowed to edit articles (under comfirmation from Publishers), I do not know if Council Members are allowed to do that. Articles should have a fine understanding aspect, this means, the reader should be able to understand what the point of this article is.

Being organized in your articles should be concidered, having a clear understanding of the your article, should be on your top list of checking. Please follow the following rules when posting "Articles";

  1. Be Neat
  2. Be Percise
  3. Be Thoughtful
  4. Be Informative
  5. Be Organized

That sums up the whole top, so please follow these Article Rules.




Councile Members are allowed to post spells up, please know that Articles are not allowed on the "Spells" tab. Spells should have information about the spells, material needed to perform the spell, and actual instructions of spells, we do not allowed plagiarism of any kind, this includes spells, if it isn't your own work, do not right it. Especially in the "Spells" tab. Spells should be created and tested before placing up in the "Spells" tab. Spells be organized and well written, as well as understandable.

You can not place up spells that look like squished together words, you are not allowed to text speak when creating a spell. Spells must be placed in the right category as well. Do not place spells in the wrong category.  Now to clearify everything rules wise;

  1. Be Informative
  2. Do not Plagiarize
  3. Be Organized
  4. Be thoughtful
  5. Write more than one word

This is a guide into the "Spells" and "Articles" that Divine Essence gives their Council and Members.


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