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Have you ever seen an apparition of yourself or someone living you know? Ever want to know what it means?

Doppelganger (Fetch)

What is a Doppelganger?

A doppelganger is an apparition that is a total copy of yourself or a living person. If a family member or friend sees a doppelganger of you is an omen of illness and/or danger. When you are faced with a doppelganger of yourself its an omen of death.

Celebrity Doppelganger Stories:

Abraham Lincoln

[In Carl Sandburg's Biography of Abraham Lincoln] "On the evening of Lincoln's election he had thrown himself on one of the haircloth sofas at home, just after the first telegrams of November 6 had told him he was elected President, and looking into a bureau mirror across the room he saw himself full length, but with two faces . It bothered him; but when he lay down again there in the glass again where the two faces one paler than the other ". It kind of makes you wonder about the two faces on the 5 dollar bill.

John Donne

"John Donne , the 16th century English poet whose work often touched on the metaphysical , was visited by a doppelganger while he was in Paris- not his, but his wife's. She appeared to him holding a new born baby , Donne's wife was pregnant at the time, but the apparition was a portent of great sadness. At the same moment that the doppelganger appeared, his wife had given birth to a stillborn child ". []

Sharon Tate

When entering her bedroom actress Sharon Tate saw a doppelganger of herself with wrists bound. On August 9, 1969 Sharon Tate her unborn child and four others where murdered by members of the Manson Family .

Queen Elizabeth I of England

Queen Elizabeth I was shocked to see her doppelganger laid out on her bed. The queen died shortly there after. []

Doppelganger names and Origins:

  • Germany - Doppelganger "double goer".
  • Egypt - Ka
  • Norse - Vardoger
  • Finland - Etiainen
  • France - Ankou "a personification of death".

Some information and stories provided by: The Weiser Field Guide to Ghosts by Raymond Buckland/// (Find more stories)/// Sandburg's Biography of Abraham Lincoln

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