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I see a lot of common mistakes people make when spell casting, so here are just a few of tips and rules to go by when casting a spell.

Tips and tricks of spell casting for beginners

Read the instructions to the spell or ritual before performing a couple of times.

Make sure you have all the required ingredients.

Pick a good timing to do this. When is the best to perform the spell? Day or night? Outside or inside?

Where did you find the spell? A book? A site? Have you performed this spell before? Did it work?

Either way, it's best to charge the spell before actually performing it.

Some people make up their own chant, imagine their energy going into the spell, etc. If you want a chant that works well most of the time to charge a spell, mail me.

When you charge the spell, this makes the spell work and give it more power. Imagine your energy, mother nature's energy (from plants, the ground, etc) or the universe's energy (the sky,etc). The universe and mother nature have a whole lot of energy, so don't feel too bad. If you use too much of your energy charging the spell, it may not work when you actually perform the spell.

If you are doing a spell inside, remember to close all doors and windows, depending on the spell. Also, its best done alone, unless the spell is meant for others as well. This is because the spell can ware off on others as well. Also, closed spaces are best. The smaller the room, the better. This way, the energy stays in the room, and is more compact. You will also be able to feel the energy a lot better.

Try to make sure you won't be disturbed. I understand a lot of beginners are often in their teens and may live with their parents. If this is so, find the best time to do the spell. Night, when everyone is asleep is the best for most people. Or, when everyone is at work, etc.

Prepare your materials and clean your space.

You need a source of energy for your spell I see this rule often not used with beginners. You need some sort of source of energy in order for the spell to work at it's best. Often, this is a candle.

Pay attention to the elements. The elements give energy towards your spell. You can use natural rain water, dirt, plants, etc. You may also use your own blood as a source of energy (a very concentrated form of energy) but remember, blood magick is often non-reversable magick. The main elements are wind, fire, water, earth and soul. But, also pay attention to some of the sub elements, which can be wood, sound, death, life, etc.

For example, some people believe that singing a spell, or using an instrument enhances the spell's power. This is also often because of emotions.

Emotions drive your spell. Anger, anxiety, sadness, happiness, excitement..etc. But, don't be angry when doing a spell that is positive. Match the emotion with the spell's purpose.

You can whisper the spell often. Speaking loud and clear is best, but if you are afraid someone may hear you, whispering can work just fine as well.

Sometimes spells work best when you forget about them. I'm not saying try to forget, but don't try to constantly remind yourself. Basically, be patient.

Believe in yourself, and the spell, and the outcome.

When you perform the spell or ritual, always focus on your energy and imagine the outcome working.

It's always best to clear your mind and focus on your energy before a spell. Whats best is to meditate for 10 minutes to an hour before a spell.

If you need any other help, feel free to mail me!

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