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How to obtain yes and no answers from a crystal or pendulum movement known as crystal dowsing or simply dowsing.

Dowsing is a way of obtaining yes and no answers beyond the conscious mind, by using an instrument or tool that interacts with your own energy and the universe. A dowsing pendulum may be made with any weighted object evenly balanced on a chain or cord usually triangular with a point hanging downward. Clear quartz is best for obtaining clear answers. The pendulum should be of all natural substances and no synthetics. If metal is used copper as a conductor is most desirable.

The pendulum is held outright in the dominant hand while it dangles and hovers just over palm facing upward of your other hand without touching it. With practice one may feel a pull of energy towards or from the palm with the pendulum as if there is a magnetic energy source between your palm and the crystal or even an outward pull source. You may think or speak "show me yes," waiting for some response movement from the pendulum and only then proceeding to do the same using "show me no". Many people in response get a clockwise circle movement from the pendulum for yes," and a straight right-to-left line for no, but there are many variations for yes and no responses in the defined movements used in dowsing. Some say to test the responses by saying a truthful statement and then a false yes or no statement, such as your name and then a false name to be sure there is a defined movement of the crystal pendulum for the yes or positive response and a different defined movement for the no or negative response. Then its usually OK to go on and ask the question that you wish to get the yes or no answer to.

Dowsing is often used as a prelude to which type of crystals and healing layouts a person needs to use. Some use dowsing for inquiries into their daily duties, what clothes to wear or what business ventures to enter into, etc.

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