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I have been collecting crystals since 1988. I started Rocks and Plants from my overstocked personal crystals and minerals in 2009 when I also started hand picking from nature rocks and plants for metaphysical reasons. I began growing my own herbs in a quartz protected garden and seeking out and locating by hand collecting my own personal crystals for magical use. I found that method to be best to promote healing, and spirituality. I began a deeper study of old ritualism by living at one with nature and studying the bible while incorporating more Christianity into my daily practice in 2010.
Magic and healing are my passions, hobbies, interests, business and health. I am interested in theology, ritualism, most religions, herbal and crystal healing. I believe in Angels, Angel Guides, and I love animals so I also believe in animal guides. I consider myself a practicing Wiccan in most area's however I do not believe in reincarnation. I am Christian and seek God's guidance through Jesus my Lord and Savior.
I am on this site to learn and offer what I know. I have long passed the age for traditional schooling and education, and have learned most of what I know from life itself, books and magical practice.
I follow foremost the code harm none; Blessed Be In the name of God!