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Ever get so cold you try warming up? Say this spell and you'll be warm!

All you needis you self.

WARNING: if your not a person who does spell i wouldn't do this.this spell is very powerfull.if it don't work try try again.

Now if it's snow on the ground were you live stick your hands or what ever you want to warn the take them out.Should be cold right?Ok perfect.Now say this as many times you want.(i perfer 6-10)

My (wht ever thts cold) make it warm.(repeat)

Now while you do this you have HAVE to study your hands. let me know if it work! (and try this website too see if your a fire witch like me gotoquiz.com/what_magical_power_are_you

Added to on Feb 27, 2014
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Sep 21, 2019
This is not only fake, but it could result in serious injury from frostbite. In addition, no on-line quiz will tell you ''what magical power you are''. Such things aren't real. A witch is a witch.

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